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If you’re a Miami Beach resident, then you’ve got big some big decisions to make on Nov. 7: choosing a new mayor, plus two new commissioners, and deciding on two important proposals that could totally transform certain neighborhoods.

We heard the questions you sent us about the challenges Miami Beach faces, and tossed them back to the candidates. Shoutout to Stephen Michael Fox, Jr., Sarah Emmons, and Ruth Klestinec, whose questions made it into our candidate questionnaires.

And now we’ve got a guide to get you through the ballot – interviews with the candidates, plus a breakdown of those jargony proposals. Early voting begins Oct. 23, so take a look, and then get your butt to your polling station.

Check it out.

P.S. City of Miami residents, stay tuned for your voter guide. It’s out next week.

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Zero chill. The average number of days in Miami-Dade with a low temperature above 80 degrees has been 13 for the last century. The record? 45 days. This year? 70!  And there are still 2.5 months left of the year. There’s a liiiitle bit of relief coming, though: we might see a “cold” front next week. (Miami New Times, Twitter)

Extreme dating. These two Miami residents met on the dating app Bumble in August, and went on their first date just a few days before Irma. Their third date was their evacuation to North Carolina. This adorable podcast is a great weekend listen. (Why oh why)

Get outta here. White nationalist Richard Spencer spoke at University of Florida yesterday, drawing hundreds of protesters. He was so overwhelmed by boos and chants when he spoke that he ended it 30 minutes early. The event was tense but nonviolent throughout. At the end, Spencer declared it a success. Um, no. (Miami Herald)

Slow grind. It’s been a month since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico and the island is still in “emergency mode, struggling to do even the basics.” The Miami Herald partnered with a Puerto Rican investigative outlet to understand why Puerto Rico has been so slow getting back on its feet.

“Pick me! Pick me!” Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach submitted their joint proposal for Amazon’s second headquarters this week, something that it seems like pretty much every city and town in the U.S. is pitching itself for. Some people say Miami is as high as No. 7 among potential cities, while others say we’re not even on the list. (Miami Herald)

Blame game. If your Facebook feed is blowing up with people yelling at President Trump and defending our favorite hat-wearing representative, Frederica Wilson, and you don’t really get what it’s all about, this POLITICO piece lays the whole thing out.

Sounds about right. Remember those Hollywood streets in a predominantly black neighborhood that were named after Confederate leaders? The city agreed to rename them, and the expected names are in: Liberty, Freedom, and Hope. (WLRN)

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Thanks to reader Michael Wayne Cole, who made sure we knew that this photo we shared earlier this week is not of small palm trees (like we said), but an entirely different plant we had never heard of: dracena.



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Now go get down like this guy.

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