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Who doesn't wake up dreaming of happy hour when it's at Wet Lab? (@thegoodeggmiami)


Early voting polls are open and you should have your mail-in ballot in hand. Not sure what to do next? We got you: Here’s our Miami Beach voter guide (and our City of Miami guide is coming later this week).

When we first published the guide, we interviewed only one of four mayoral candidates: Dan Gelber. We did that because the race hasn’t been competitive since Michael Grieco dropped out (campaign fundraising is a pretty good indicator, and there’s a huge fundraising gap between him and the next guy). So we dug in on his opinions.

After we published the guide, those other mayoral candidates and their supporters pointed out the race could easily go to a runoff. They’re right: Gelber may not win at least 50 percent of votes to win outright. So we sent the same questionnaire to the other three candidates. You can see their answers now, too.

So, here’s who you’ll see on the ballot. Click through for their thoughts on major issues like sea level rise, Airbnb, and Ocean Drive’s last call.

To those who reached out about this, thanks so much for input. We’re here to do what we can to help you #votelikeyoulivehere.

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Boy, bye. Broward County quietly took down a statue of former Gov. Napoleon Bonaparte Broward II (that name, tho…) at the county courthouse last week. Turns out that the man who championed a state university system and turned much of the Everglades into inhabitable land was also a segregationist and saw black people as “wards of white people.” So now his statue is in storage, which sounds about right. (Sun-Sentinel)

Boy, bye – part 2. Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco is resigning today. He has to do that before he heads to court and pleads guilty to a misdemeanor for violating state campaign finance law while running for mayor of Miami Beach (yep, the same race we talked about above). He dropped out of the mayoral race in July, then launched a re-election campaign for commissioner, then shut that one down too as the scandal grew. Now he’s gone-gone. (Miami Herald)

Que arroz con mango. First it was Downtown. Now it’s Little Havana. The endless construction on Flagler Street is taking a toll on everything from hip new restaurants to decades-old mom-and-pop mechanic shops, all of which are now only accessible after navigating an obstacle course of rock, potholes, and standing water. And they’re losing customers. Fast. (Miami New Times)

Size matters. Care packages are arriving in Puerto Rico by the thousands – and many are so big and heavy that they’re either breaking in transit or pretty much impossible to get out of San Juan. Pack smart, folks. (Miami Herald)

Real talk. While the whole country threw themselves into a he-said-she-said debate about Rep. Frederica Wilson, President Trump, and his Chief of Staff John Kelly, hundreds in Miami Gardens turned out to honor Sgt. La David Johnson, the soldier killed in Niger at the center of that whole controversy. Pause the politicking for a second and learn about the man Sgt. Johnson was, mmkay? (Miami Herald)

Irma. Still. Stormwater from Irma has made a big mess of Biscayne Bay. Major street pollution that washed into the bay is expected to cause seagrass die-offs and algae blooms, plus salinity levels are way too low because of all the extra freshwater. Scientists don’t know what, exactly, is next for the Bay, but they’re worried. (Miami Herald)

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Congrats to Katja Kuznik, who won our flash giveaway yesterday of two VIP tickets to the SEED Food and Wine Festival!

We’ve got another dope SEED giveaway for our tribe today: a pair of VIP passes to the Veggie Burger Battle on Nov. 2, worth $55 each. These people perform miracles with seitan.

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