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Sitting at our desks today like “Take me here.” (@tropi_lo)


Your eyes probably rolled back into your head when you hit the proposal section of your ballot. (We know ours did).

But if you’re a City of Miami or Miami Beach resident, we’ve got you covered.

In Miami, you’ve got a yes/no vote on the $400 million “Miami Forever” bond on your ballot. The city needs your approval to take on that debt (with no tax increase for you) so it can spend big bucks on things like sea level rise and affordable housing. Wanna know more? You’re in luck. We’ve got the rundown here.

In Miami Beach, you get to say yay or nay on rolling back Ocean Drive’s last call for outdoor bars to 2 a.m. from 5 a.m. It’s just one street tho, right? Yes and no. Whatever y’all decide on Ocean Drive could affect conversations about the clash between nightlife and neighborhoods all over the city. We’ve got the full download here.


Congrats to Carmen Gabriela Velasquez, who won a pair of tickets to Miami Motel Stories, whose opening night is tonight! She’ll be taking a wander through Miami’s past, present, and future in an immersive theater experience in the iconic Tower Theater. Wanna do that too? We’ve got details in our calendar below.

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Bad math. About a third of Floridians ditched their homes when Irma hit. But when it changed course and ended up being a dud for many of them, they regretted leaving. And now 24 percent of those who were ordered to leave, and did for Irma, say they wouldn’t do it next time. Uh-oh. (Sun-Sentinel)

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