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It’s been said that there are only two seasons in Miami: when the Knaus Berry Farm bakery in Redland is open and when it’s closed.

Thankfully, tomorrow marks the opening. That means JUICY OOEY GOOEY cinnamon buns for all.

Wanna know what goes into making these rolls of love and happiness? We love popping back into their kitchen every year to find out. Come along.


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🎸 SAT, 11/4: Gavin DeGraw LIVE @ Arsht!
Don't miss multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw performing his songs in their truest live form! Tickets start at $45.


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Caffeine fix. San Francisco hipster fave coffee company Blue Bottle just opened its doors in the Design District, bringing our coffee scene to a new level of bougie. (Eater)

Extra credit. Still stumped on who to vote for in the Miami Beach election after our voter guide? The Miami Herald’s got lots of deets on the candidates’ backgrounds, good and bad. Here’s their rundown of the Group 2 race between Mark Samuelian and Rafael Velasquez and here’s the one on the Group 3 race between Michael Gongora and Adrian Gonzalez.

A little light reading. The federal government has declassified documents on JFK’s assassination, and they’re full of interesting info about American efforts to topple the Cuban government – much of that happening right here in the 305. Wanna know how much someone could make back then for murdering a Communist party official, including Fidel himself? It’s in there. And there’s a searchable database, too. (Miami Herald, USA Today)

Give this man a prize. Ronnie Hurwitz has been volunteering in Miami’s oldest cemetery for 30 years all by himself.  He’s become a de-facto Miami historian and says he’s “seen so many opened chickens I could open a Kentucky Fried.” Here’s what he’s learned about the city. (Miami Herald)

SMH. Gov. Scott vowed to never allow something like the elderly deaths at Hollywood Hills nursing home to happen ever again, and issued an emergency rule that all nursing homes now have backup generators. Props. But last week a Tallahassee judge said the rule was an overreaction and struck it down. Scott says he’ll appeal. (Miami Herald)

Dream team. We love this profile from Trackrecord on how two best friends came together to make Miami’s beloved local record store, Sweat Records, come to life.

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💃 Paris is Still Burning
11/15 at Miami Book Fair: A reading with prominent contemporary queer poets of color, followed by a drag pageant/queer performance “ball.”


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The unbound conference is landing in Miami this week, and we’re taking part. Our CEO, Chris Sopher, will be hosting a talk on the chatbot revolution on Wednesday, and we’ll be co-hosting a happy hour with CIC Miami for attendees later that day.

Want in? We’ve got 20 free tickets. Register here and use the code “miamiguest100.” It’s first come, first serve, so get on it.



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Go kick some Monday ass.

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