🔥 Is your costume this good?
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🔥 Is your costume this good?

Courtesy of Kat Barrow-Horth

Do you remember the Horth fam? ☝️

I mean, how could you forget?

Every year they celebrate HalloWEEK – seven days of fab family costumes, complete with elaborate photo shoots. Last year included Anchorman and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and it was fab.

But this year, they outdid themselves. And we’ve got the photo evidence, beginning with that one above.

We’ve gotta give props as well to Groveite Glenn Terry, who turned his backyard palm fronds into amazing Halloween decorations.

Miami, no one will ever say we aren’t creative – and a little bit crazy. Just the way we like it.

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#MeToo lands in the 305. Two women have accused Miami Beach commissioner candidate Rafael Velasquez of being sexually inappropriate. Beach Commissioner Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez says he pulled his penis out while in a car with her two weeks ago. More women are sharing incidents with the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, which was campaigning for Velasquez. But the party has pulled its support and encouraged him to resign if the accusations are true. Velasquez says they are absolutely not. “This is the moment we were all expecting and dreading: the moment when the attacks go from vicious to downright scandalous,” he said. (Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Facebook)

#Winning. Independent bookstores across the U.S. are struggling, but not beloved local chain Books & Books. It’s opening in two more spots in the coming months: Pinecrest and Coconut Grove. It’s TBD what this means for the recently rescued Bookstore in the Grove. (Miami Herald)

No more Ft. Bore-derdale? It took them awhile, but downtown Ft. Lauderdale is a “boomtown” now, too. It’s got tons of new apartments going up, a few hip hotels, and a Wynwood-esque arts district. And city officials are hoping that once Brightline is running, we’ll all come up to hang out at the Riverwalk on Saturday nights. (Miami Herald)

It’s lit. Uber hip made-in-Cuba clothing line Clandestina scored a big win last week: It became the first independent Cuban brand to sell its products online, via its own website. The designs will still be made in Cuba, but a U.S. manufacturer will make and ship the clothing. (Reuters)

Over your neighborhood peacocks? There is a solution other than cooking them (yes, people have shared peacock recipes with us) or shooting them with BB guns (FYI, both are illegal). There’s a man in Iowa known as Mr. Peacock, and he’s willing to take in all our unwanted peacocks on his four-acre farm. (Miami Herald)

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Remember: the polls are already open for both City of Miami and Miami Beach. Let’s make this the one thing Miami does early. 😉

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