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This was one of our fave community submissions for the black and white challenge. (@davidwilliamcarson)


We wanted in on the black and white challenge going around the interwebs, so we asked you to tag us in your favorite photos of the Magic City, sans color.

The submissions had us looking at the city a little differently. Turns out you notice a lot more details when you’re not overwhelmed by the blue-green water or the pastels of Miami Beach buildings (we know, Miami life is tough).

Peep our seven favorites from your submissions. Shoutout to @davidwilliamcarson, @life_in_willow, @rafotography39, @lilyvidal, @stephhestrada, and @antoniollanos!

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🌎 Concerned About Climate Change?
11/19 at Miami Book Fair: Three writers read and discuss their books about climate change, melting ice caps and rising sea levels.


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PSA. Obamacare is not dead, and open enrollment for 2018 health insurance plans begins today. You have until Dec. 15 to sign up. (Miami Herald)

Plan B. South Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo and Democratic Reps. Frederica Wilson and Alcee Hastings showed up in Washington on Tuesday with a bipartisan proposal to help Haitians and others with a temporary U.S. immigration status become permanent legal citizens. Without a solution, these legal residents – many of whom live here in SoFlo – will likely have to go home when a program providing temporary status expires in January. (Miami Herald)

Thumbs up. The Miami Herald endorsements for City of Miami Commission are out. In the crazy district three race, which has SEVEN candidates – the paper endorsed relative newcomer Alfie Leon for his “earnest, people-centric views.” (Miami Herald)

Unraveling. The same day two women accused Miami Beach commission candidate Rafael Velasquez of being sexually inappropriate, his whole campaign staff jumped ship. On Tuesday Velasquez apologized for his “communications,” writing on his campaign Facebook page, “I am sorry! Thank you for letting me know.” He’s continuing to deny that he pulled his penis out in a car with Commissioner Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez. Comments from some of his supporters show how much more work we have to do to confront sexual harassment in the 305, wherever this particular incident goes. (Miami Herald, Facebook)

Living the dream. Downtown’s long been lacking a pedestrian space to make it feel like a true neighborhood. But longtime resident Steve Dutton has ideas for changing that, and he got a Miami-Dade Quick Build Program grant to try and make that happen on NE 3rd Avenue. Stay tuned. (Miami New Times)

#FloridaMan. OF COURSE Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign advisor who got indicted Monday for conspiracy and false statements, has South Florida connections. The Sun-Sentinel has the rundown.

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🌴 Miami Motel Stories: Little Havana
Miami Motel Stories is a real-time immersive theatre experience taking place inside Little Havana's Tower Hotel, presented by @JuggerknotCo.


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