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Five years ago, Miami was mostly known for tourism and real estate (and sexy beaches).

But the Knight Foundation wasn’t content with that. Under Matt Haggman, who had just become the Miami director in late 2012, Knight started steering its resources into supporting our budding entrepreneurial scene, backing places like The LAB Miami and organizations and events like Endeavor Miami and BlackTechWeek.

Now we’re known across the U.S. for our entrepreneurial spirit and as a growing tech hub, doing things like competing to bring Amazon’s second headquarters here.

Haggman, who led that effort, is no longer with Knight (he resigned to run for Congress). So we gave him an exit interview on where we stand today. Watch it here.

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🍻 Estrella Damm’s Chef Choice 2017
Estrella Damm’s Chef’s Choice returns this November! Head to ChefsChoiceMiami.com to check out all of the participating restaurants!


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OG. Garth Reeves has spent his life knocking down barriers for Miami’s Black community. He led the Miami Times, the local Black newspaper founded by his father. He was part of the Crandon Park swimming protest to desegregate Miami-Dade’s beaches. And now he’s being memorialized in Overtown, where they’re naming a street after him. (Miami Herald)

Major key. The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has a pro tip: take DJ Khaled’s advice on sneakers, but not on cryptocurrency. (Miami New Times)

Not okay. Miami-Dade County has been dumping Irma debris at sites all over the county, but Liberty City’s Poinciana Industrial Complex is the only one in a residential area. Families living near the towering pile of trees and trash are worried that it’s leaching toxins into the air and the ground – and they say the county has deliberately dumped a health hazard in one of the our most impoverished neighborhoods. (Miami New Times)

YASSS. Last week we shared a story about all the food halls opening up in Miami in the next year or so. But it didn’t mention 1-800-Lucky in Wynwood. That’s because no one knew about it. The surprise food fall, which will focus on Asian fare (Dim sum! In Wynwood!), opens this month. (Miami.com)

Bro. In the middle of a huge national convo about sexual harassment, Miami Beach Commission candidate Rafael Velasquez has been accused of sexual impropriety by three local women, including Miami Beach Commissioner Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez. He insists he’s innocent of anything other than some misguided flirtation. Politicos say that’s not even the point anymore, and are pretty much “WTF” over his refusal to drop out. And up in Tallahassee, it’s just one sexy secret after another being dragged into the open. (Miami Herald)

So zen right now. At Jojo’s, tea is not just a drink. It’s a whole damn experience. (INDULGE)

Yikes. It’s way past mosquito season, but Zika is knocking on our door again. Miami-Dade County just reported the first sexually transmitted case of Zika in 2017. Don’t panic, tho – there’s still no Zika being transmitted locally by mosquitoes. (CBS Local)

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🎪 Miami Book Fair Joins the Circus
11/12 Circ X @The Porch: “one part circus, two parts burlesque, a pinch of class and a dash of trash.” Miming, acrobatics & street theater.


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The Downtown Development Authority is taking pitches for how to activate the Baywalk, that walkway that runs along Biscayne Bay through Downtown. We’re working with O, Miami to bring Day of Thrones to Bayfront Park – and we need your votes to make it happen! Check out all the pitches and vote here.



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