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Let’s talk about the future.

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The Miami Herald writes that incoming Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has a “big agenda” and he’s ready to get moving. Deets on that agenda here. Plus, here’s the text message advice that Miami-Dade Commissioner Xavier Suarez, aka Francis Suarez’s dad, gave his son on leading the city (he’s a former mayor of Miami himself).

Incoming Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber is gonna be a whole lot more low-key than current Mayor Philip Levine, the Herald writes. We can expect a much closer eye on waste and fraud in the city (Hopefully it won’t take us months to notice the next time we lose a couple million dollars). He also wants to take a second peep at our sea level rise plan.

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🍻 Estrella Damm’s Chef Choice 2017
Estrella Damm’s Chef’s Choice returns this November! Head to ChefsChoiceMiami.com to check out all of the participating restaurants!


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Sheltering in style. Local officials want evacuating Miami-Dade County residents to just head inland next time a big hurricane bears down, not book it a couple hundred miles north like many did for Irma. But we don’t have enough schools or other public facilities to fit everyone, so they’re considering certifying some hotels and even some Airbnb rentals that aren’t full-time residences as shelters as well. (WLRN)

Baby steps. Florida Blue, the largest health insurer in Florida, is no longer going to prescribe the painkiller OxyContin because of how easy it is to crush it and inject or snort it, fueling the opioid crisis across the U.S. Instead it’ll prescribe a painkiller that can’t be broken down like that. (Miami Herald)

The Everglades are drowning. A record-breaking rainy season, plus Hurricane Irma and a tropical storm last month, have totally flooded The Everglades. They may be nicknamed “the river of grass,” but that doesn’t mean they’re supposed to be underwater. And that’s threatening the existence of habitats and species that call the Everglades home. (Miami Herald)

Basel is coming. Wonder what’s going on with all those massive tents at the old Miami Herald site, which was nothing more than a vacant lot for years? Art Miami and Context Miami are gonna call  it home for Art Basel. (The Next Miami)

Boy bye. The Greek system can be a place for leadership and lifelong friendships. It can also be an alcohol-fueled garbage fire – and the string of tragedies nationwide over the last couple of years, including sexual assaults and deaths, highlights that. Last weekend, a South Floridian member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at FSU died at a frat party – and now FSU has suspended the entire Greek system indefinitely.

Sucker punch. Endorsements from the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather helped make two Miami dudes millionaires through their cryptocurrency Centra… despite the fact that they had zero experience in virtual currencies. This New York Times Magazine piece shows how that’s happening with celebs and other cryptocurrencies all over the country.

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❤️ Party for Preservation @ Ball & Chain
The World Famous Ball & Chain hosts Dade Heritage Trust's Party for Preservation, November 8, 5-7pm. drinks food music for just $25


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The Miami Foundation just announced the latest class of Miami Fellows, a group of young leaders “driving change on the issues that matter most to them.” The class includes everyone from engineers to ice cream entrepreneurs, all of whom are shaping the future of Miami in their own way. (Plus, our own director, Ariel Zirulnick, is one of them 🎉 ). Learn all about them here.



Check out this event from our advertiser, Dade County Bar Association Young Lawyers Section.

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Join us at Ball & Chain on 11/9 @ 6pm to party for community programs (like high school scholarships!). Open bar, food, live band & más!


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💊 Miami Book Fair: Cure What Ails You
11/15 @The Porch: Comic Cure comedy at 6PM. O, Miami poems & divine oils at 7PM. Afrobeta music at 8PM. Like a variety show for your health.


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We’ll leave you with this fun fact: 35 percent of you told us in our Insta poll that you think Knaus Berry cinnamon buns are so amazing you’ll wait FOUR HOURS for them. FOUR HOURS. We admire your dedication.

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