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🍳 Booking the Cooks 11/16
Slow Food Miami presents celebrity chefs and gives you a taste

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Join us on the Interwebs Monday night with Radical Partners. We’re moderating a Facebook Live convo on one of Miami’s most entrenched and far-reaching problems: housing affordability.

We could talk forever about how big a problem it is. But this time we’re going to talk about what’s being done to fix it.

We’ll have Marvin Wilmoth from KCG Development, Mandy Bartle from South Florida Community Land Trust, and a TBA local politician on deck.

It’s the kickoff to the latest 100 Great Ideas campaign, a massive, week-long online community brainstorm on housing affordability. (They’ve already hacked things like libraries and public transit.)

Join us (online only)! It kicks off at 7 p.m. on our Facebook page. Find all the details here. We’d love for you to post your questions ahead of time in the comments.

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🍻 Estrella Damm’s Chef Choice 2017
Estrella Damm’s Chef’s Choice returns this November! Head to ChefsChoiceMiami.com to check out all of the participating restaurants!


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A slice of heaven. Miami’s Best Pizza shut its doors in 2015 because the rent was too damn high. UM students were hungry. It was sad. But the saucy, cheesy goodness is coming back soon, right by Titanic Brewing. (Eater)

Swag. The UM defense’s five-pound, 10-karat gold “turnover” chain has everyone reminiscing about the 1980s glory days, when UM football was all bling and swagger. It only comes out on Game Day. The rest of the time it’s stored in Manny Diaz’s traveling humidor. Uncle Luke approves. (Miami Herald)

SMH. Florida’s decision to roll out the disaster food stamps for Hurricane Irma on Election Day essentially made low-income families choose between voting or getting much-needed food assistance. And on Wednesday the lines for registration stretched so long that officials had to close the doors hours early. (Miami New Times, Miami Herald) P.S. Today is the deadline to sign up for disaster food stamps for Hurricane Irma – here’s how.

Silver linings. After the 2016 election, South Floridian Jesse Scott found himself reading a whole lot of stuff online that made him feel pretty terrible about the world. So instead he used the time he spent reading alt-right Internet rants to pick up garbage in his neighborhood. His #DontReadGarbagePickItUp campaign took him to 10 states and caught on with a bunch of other people on the Internet. (Miami New Times)

Blame game. Fun fact we’ve learned since Hurricane Irma: No one knows who is responsible when a massive construction crane falls down because of high winds. A WLRN investigation basically lead to a bunch of different people pointing fingers at each other.

Harsh. Laws preventing registered sex offenders from living within 2,500 feet of schools, playgrounds, or daycares effectively leaves them homeless in Miami-Dade County. So many have mostly been living in tent encampments throughout the city. But it’s technically illegal to live on public property. County commissioners are now considering allowing police to arrest sex offenders caught camping out immediately.  The ACLU is not about it and is urging the commissioners to can it. (Miami New Times)

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🌇 Miami’s Days of Decadence 11/19
Hotel Scarface scribe talks cocaine cowboys heyday with Billy Corben


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We’re loving all the dreams for Miami and Miami Beach that you’ve been sharing with us on Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few:

  • Dear Mayor Suarez, let’s build a Miami where temporary use permits for vacant space are streamlined and our communities are activated. (Jamie Maniscalco)
  • Congratulations Mayor Suarez! Let’s have a City that offers exceptional services. Raise the bar on competency. Let’s have the BEST police department. (Maria Freed)
  • Dear Mayor Gelber, please build a Miami Beach where all residences, business, bars, restaurants, vendors, and venues take recycling plastic seriously and officially eliminate all Styrofoam. (@whatsupali)

Keep ‘em coming!



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🌃  An Evening with Kwame Alexander 11/14
Famous poet/scribe with new YA book talks with Edwidge Danticat


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😃 OUR TOWN, an American classic, reborn
Thornton Wilder's iconic play is reimagined -- Miami style! Oct 26 thru Nov 19 at the Colony Theatre, Lincoln Road. Tickets on sale now!


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Is Miami’s Best Pizza really Miami’s best pizza?

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