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Spotted in Wynwood. The days of Catholics vs. Convicts are very over. (@alexaferra)


Today kicks off 100 Great Ideas No. 4, a massive, weeklong community brainstorm on housing affordability. It all goes down in this public Facebook group, where anyone can offer ideas or join the discussion. You can also follow along on Twitter and Facebook via the hashtag #100GreatIdeas.

Radical Partners, the organization behind it, thinks that big issues would be solved faster if more people were invited to the table. So they’re using the Internet to make a very, very big table. At the end, they’ll take some of these ideas to local leaders to turn them into action. Fun fact: this is how Public Transit Day came to be.

Wanna know more about this campaign? This video should help you out.

Wanna be a part of it? Kick it off with us tonight, with a Facebook Live convo with a developer, a nonprofit bringing an innovative strategy to South Florida, a local public official, and a renter navigating the affordable housing system. We’ll be streaming from our Facebook page at 7 p.m. Get details here.


All about the U. There was a time in history when it wasn’t painful to be a UM football fan. And that time is back with Saturday night’s crazy amazing win over No. 3 Notre Dame. The Canes are still undefeated, and everyone’s starting to think they could be national champs.  “This to me is the natural order restored… This is the way a Saturday night in Miami should be,” said defensive coordinator Manny Diaz after the game. Plus, here’s the deal behind that “Catholics vs. Convicts” tagline. (Miami Herald)

New day, new leaders. After a Friday recount, Alfonso “Alfie” Leon is officially the second place finisher in the City of Miami District 3 commission race. He heads to the polls against former Miami mayor Joe Carollo, who came in first, on Nov. 21. And in Miami Beach, here’s what the newly elected mayor and commissioners, who will be sworn in today, are hoping to achieve. (Miami Herald)

¡Dalé! The first bilingual sitcom on American TV “¿Que Pasa, USA?” returns to Miami with a live stage show debuting next May. Find out what your fave fictional family has been up to since the series ended in 1980. (SunSentinel)

Jade eggs FTW. Tired of shopping online for jade eggs to tighten your lady bits, à la Gwyneth Paltrow? Good news! She’s bringing her pop-up shop to Miami’s Design District this week, so you can browse all of her best (and weirdest) gift picks through Christmas Eve. (Miami.com)

‘Everything was kept a secret.’ New allegations against Monkey Jungle are heartbreaking: a former trainer claims she found dead monkeys in body bags. Here’s more on the story that’s still developing. (Miami Herald)

Hands off our mangroves. State law protects mangroves, barring people from cutting down the trees without a permit, because the forests protect our coasts from wave erosion. But angry neighbors say Miami starchitects Bernardo Fort-Brescia and Laurinda Spear used Hurricane Irma as a cover to hack the mangroves on their property, improving their view of Biscayne Bay. (Miami Herald)

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🍻 Estrella Damm’s Chef Choice 2017
Estrella Damm’s Chef’s Choice returns this November! Head to ChefsChoiceMiami.com to check out all of the participating restaurants!


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This Thursday is Give Miami Day, when the Miami Foundation will be ground zero for donations to local nonprofits for a full 24 hours. Wanna donate? Here’s how it works. Check out this Wednesday’s newsletter for the details. 🙌

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👩 Women Wanderers at Miami Book Fair
11/18: A panel featuring comics with stories of women looking for home and identity, including Fetch, Pashmina, Jane and Spinning.


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🍜 Miami Book Fair: Food for the Soul
11/14 @The Porch: Film screening of Liberty in a Soup at 6:30. Chef Thia demos her Caribbean cuisine at 7:30. Inez Barlatier music at 8.


Want to reach the right people in Miami? Check out our advertising packages.


ICYMI The Museum of Ice Cream is opening its fourth location in Miami in December. What’s that mean for you? Fulfilling your lifelong dream of diving into a literal pool of sprinkles.🍦

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