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🍹 The Drink & Draw @ the Standard 11/16
Comics artists fight to proverbial death – sketch against each other.


Happy Tuesday *|FNAME|*! We’ve got an important question.

How many coladas is too many coladas?

If you don’t spend time on the Miami subreddit, you should. Because that’s where the real Miami questions get asked, like this one from user “thedoming”: “Is my colada consumption reaching unhealthy levels??

“I’ve been drinking 2 full coladas most days. It’s just so f****** good and gets me through class, just curious to how everyone else compares and if I’m going down an unhealthy path,” he posted.

Pobrecito. Most people said “Yes, dude, you need to chill on the coladas, or you’re gonna end up like this guy”:

“Way too much, man! go get checked for blood sugar levels for real. Also, how are your teeth doing?” wrote one.

Discuss. What’s your colada cutoff?

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Last night we helped Radical Partners kick off their 100 Great Ideas campaign on housing affordability with a Facebook Live featuring a fab group of panelists. Missed it? It’s all good. You can watch it here and you can join the brainstorm here.

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📚 Two Poets Laureate 11/19
Robert Hass and Charles Simic read and converse with host Campbell McGrath


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About time. The new Metrorail cars that Miami-Dade Transit promised are finally here, and riders will start seeing them on the tracks in the next couple weeks. Transit chief Alice Brave promises these will help with all the horrible delays riders deal with on the regular. Fun fact: Most of the trains currently in use have been around since President Ronald Reagan. (Miami Herald)

All in the wrist. Nusret Gökçe, aka Salt Bae, is famous for making salting food look sexy, and he’s bringing his talents to SoFlo. His spot in Brickell, called Nusr-et, is officially open. (Eater)

It’s not over. Hurricanes Irma and Maria crashed through Florida and the Caribbean about two months ago, but recovery is still far from over. Here are the local groups still putting in work every day, and how you can help. (Miami Herald)

Look what you made me do. TSwift has announced her Reputation tour dates, and the Magic City made the cut. She’ll be hitting Hard Rock Stadium on Aug. 18. Tickets go on sale Dec. 13. (Miami.com)

#notokay. Last week, someone leaked chats among FIU’s College Republicans joking about things like calling immigration officials on classmates who protested in support of Dreamers and making fun of protesters injured or killed in Charlottesville. Other students were not okay with that. As of Monday, more than 700 people had signed a petition on Change.org calling on FIU’s president to take action against the group and their vice president had resigned in disgust. TBD what the university will do. (Miami New Times)

Bullseye. Target is coming to South Beach, as one of the chain’s increasingly popular mini stores. Miami Beach residents, get used to that feeling of walking in to buy one thing… and walking out with 12. (Miami Herald)

Captain planet. Miami’s startup scene is booming, and the new companies are not all the “Uber for X.” The Miami Herald’s got the DL on four Miami-born startups that are out to save the earth from humans’ bad habits.

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🏡 Rent or Buy? The Millennial Question.
It isn’t just about the money other factors like lifestyle, location, and unlimited mobility are strong considerations as well. Whichever is best for you, Colfax Realty is ready to help you find your next home. Contact Us Here.


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🌃  An Evening with James McBride 11/16
His bio is all awards and bestsellers. Now, brand new short stories.


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😃 OUR TOWN, an American classic, reborn
Thornton Wilder's iconic play is reimagined -- Miami style! Oct 26 thru Nov 19 at the Colony Theatre, Lincoln Road. Tickets on sale now!


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How many people is too many to share a colada with? And will you send us one? 😫