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At The New Tropic, we get to know dope people doing some great stuff in and for Miami, and we want to help you get to know them too. So we’re teaming up with some of Miami’s leading cultural crusaders to make it happen for you. We’re talking things like a personal tour of PAMM with director Franklin Sirmans, a cocktail-making lesson with the geniuses at the Broken Shaker, and a chance to meet some of the brilliant authors coming through Books & Books every month.

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New job, who dis? Miami’s new mayor, Francis Suarez, was sworn in yesterday. Here’s a look at the immediate challenges he faces in his new gig, as well as what he plans to do about them. (Miami Herald)

#MeToo behind bars. A guard at Miami’s Federal Detention Center was charged with sexually abusing an inmate last year. Damon Coleman maintains that it was consensual, but the law disagrees. He’s just been sentenced to eight months in prison — a relatively short stint, considering he faced up to 15 years. (Miami New Times)

Who’s that guy? Billionaire Moishe Mana has big ideas for Miami, including transforming it into the Hong Kong of the Americas. Typically press-shy, he opened up to the Miami Herald about who he is and what he wants to do with the prime real estate he’s dropped $350 million on.


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🍻 Estrella Damm’s Chef Choice 2017
Estrella Damm’s Chef’s Choice returns this November! Head to ChefsChoiceMiami.com to check out all of the participating restaurants!


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One-up fancy. Bored with movie theaters that let you recline your chair all the way back and bring gourmet food directly to your seat? Silverspot Cinema out-luxuries those other fancy theaters by letting you and 35 pals rent out a private screening room complete with its own bar and lounge area. (Miami.com)

Haters gonna hate. The undefeated Miami Hurricanes are now No. 3 in the College Football Playoff rankings, which seems to piss some people off. Here are five reasons why people outside of Miami love to hate the Canes — and yeah, the turnover chain is one of them. (Miami New Times)

Mad scientist props. Frost Museum of Science passed the half million visitor mark last month, only six months after opening its doors. As a result, it’s expanded its exhibitions and added another planetarium show. (Miami Today)

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🐕  Pleasure and Pain of Pets 11/19
Eileen Myles searched for the true meaning of pets and penned a dog memoir.


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Three Fierce Feminist Poets 11/19
Denise Duhamel Marie Howe and Patricia Smith read. Enough said.


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