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⚽ It's happening.

David Beckham's group announcing his soccer team's official status in January 2018.

It’s been more than a minute since this whole saga started in 2013, and more than once, it looked like it might all fall apart. But. This. Is. Happening.


In what Sports Illustrated called the “loudest, longest and flashiest rubber-stamp in MLS history” and like “a pep rally staged at a nightclub,” soccer star David Beckham officially announced that Miami would be getting a Major League Soccer team.

The Southern Legion, the future team’s most diehard local fans, marched from the American Airlines Arena to the Arsht Center, where the announcement happened. They serenaded Beckham with a version of “Guantanamera.” Because Miami.


We used to have an MLS team, called Miami Fusion, but it shut down in 2001. We also have Miami FC – it’s part of the North American Soccer League, which is just a step below MLS. Miami FC is pretty dang good.


There are a lot of key things still up in the air, such as:

  • The team name
  • The team colors
  • The team logo

The Beckham group says all that will be announced in the next couple months.

Also TBD is where the team will play. Beckham made it pretty clear that he sees Overtown as the definite location of the stadium, which will be built entirely with private money. The Beckham group already has six acres of land in the neighborhood. But for some folks, the idea of a massive sports stadium being plopped in the middle of one of Miami’s most historic and marginalized neighborhoods is ringing alarm bells.

However, there’s a legal challenge to the site that hasn’t been resolved yet, and local partners of the Beckham group, Jorge and Jose Mas, are apparently still talking about other potential sites, so maybe the Overtown spot’s  not totally in the bag yet.


The team will start playing in 2020 at some TBD site while the stadium is built. It’s expected to start playing at its own stadium in 2021.


Following the new official Twitter account, @futbolmiamimls, and the fan account, @southern_legion, are  good ways to stay on top of all the latest developments. Marcelo Claure, who is part owner of the team, is also very active on Twitter.

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Soul train. First it was pedestrians and cyclists. Now it’s vehicles trying to outrun the Brightline trains – and this video of a super close call with a pickup truck is terrifying and totally unnecessary and why are we still warning people against trying to beat the Brightline train?! (Sun-Sentinel)

No bueno. Back in 2016, UM fired the director of judicial affairs, the man responsible for investigating rape and sexual assault complaints at the university. Most people assumed it was because he mishandled two sexual misconduct cases at the university, but it turns out it’s because he behaved inappropriately toward students. *facepalm* (Miami New Times)

Can you hear me now? Last year a bunch of Havana-based U.S. diplomats and their families suffered mysterious attacks that caused things like hearing loss, dizziness, and headaches while in the country. Scary. The U.S. urged Americans to reconsider traveling to Cuba, and now it might have a better case: seems like 19 American visitors to Cuba have reported the same symptoms . (Miami Herald)

Code red. Florida’s national parks were seriously behind on much-needed improvements and repairs even before the Trump administration came in with plans to slash $300 million from the budget and cut 1,200 jobs. But now they’re reaching a crisis point. (Miami Herald)

WTF? Thrillist declared Florida the worst state in the whole U.S. It doesn’t really explain its decision, and we’re gonna call B.S. on a list that gives the “best state” title to MICHIGAN and talks about all its coastline. Um, have you felt how cold their water is in July?

Things to do

Check out this event from our advertiser, Miami Marlins.

⚾️ Join the Marlins for FanFest! Want to spend an afternoon in the batting cages? Head to Marlins Park on Saturday, Feb. 10 for FanFest! Enjoy live music & free family fun!


👩‍🎨 1/30: Miami Arts Marketing Project (Downtown)

🙏 1/31: Let (Yoga) Love Rule! (South Beach)

👩🏾‍💻 2/6-2/10: #BlackTechWeek18


🕰️ 1/30: Fireside Chat with Jason Calacanis (Downtown)

🎥 1/30: Making a Statement: Defining Your Creative Practice (Allapattah)

🎞️ 1/31: Freedom Flicks Presents: I Am Not Your Negro (Downtown)

🌱 1/31: Vizcaya Gardens by Moonlight / Make your own terrarium (Coconut Grove)

👙 1/31: Disco Frisbee (South Beach)

🌕 1/31: Full Moon Meditation (South Beach)

👸 2/1: Movies on the Mile: The Princess Bride (Coral Gables)

🎙️ 2/1: Jolt Radio’s Vinyl Delight (Downtown)

🗳️ 2/1: South Miami Mayoral Debate (South Miami)

🎵 2/2: Giralda Under the Stars (Coral Gables)

🎥 2/2: DWNTWN Movie Nights: Boss Baby (Downtown)

🌊 2/3: Surfrider and Friends Night at Oleta River State Park (North Miami Beach)

🚲 2/3: Historic Bicycle Tour of Coconut Grove (Coconut Grove)

🗺️ 2/3-2/4: Miami International Map Fair (Downtown)

🏖️ 2/2-2/4: Fractal Beach 2018 (Key Biscayne)


But we’re happy to hear all your witty retorts to why Michigan is not the best and Florida is definitely not the worst.


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