😬 That time Miamians trashed city hall. Literally.

😬 That time Miamians trashed city hall. Literally.

M. Athalie Range is one of several women who helped shape Miami history.
(📸: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory)

Bahamian-American M. Athalie Range was the first black person elected to the City of Miami Commission. She first ran in 1964, but lost to a white man who hired trucks to drive around and tell residents to go vote if they didn’t want a black woman making laws for them.

But the next year another commissioner resigned, and appointed Athalie to the commission. She was reelected the next cycle.

One of the things she’s best known for is making sure that black neighborhoods in Miami got trash pickup as regularly as white neighborhoods. (It used to be a thing that sometimes three weeks went by between pickups).

A vote on an equal pickup schedule was postponed twice. Fed up, she told some of her supporters to show up at the next commission meeting… with bags of their trash waiting to be picked up.

Unsurprisingly, the commission decided not to postpone the vote and the move passed.

In 1971, she became the first woman and the first black person since Reconstruction to head a state agency in Florida when she was appointed secretary of the Department of Community Affairs.

Today there’s a park named after her in Liberty City. With regular trash pick up.

Source: “Black Miami in the Twentieth Century” by Marvin Dunn, the Miami Oral Histories Collection


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CSI Fido. Building and neighborhood wars over dog poop left behind on walks have gotten so bad that some neighborhood vigilantes are taking extreme measures to shame the guilty parties… including DNA testing the dog poop. (Miami Herald)

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Wade County. Local Nightlife Brewing at Marlins Park is serving up a Wade County IPA to celebrate Dwyane Wade’s triumphant return to the 305. The brewery wasn’t planning it, but the brewers finished up their newest brew the morning of the announcement, and naming it after Wade it seemed like a slam dunk. (Miami.com)

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