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❤️ I’d use my turn signal for you.

Find more #newtropicvalentine messages over on our Facebook page. Go ahead and share them with your boo or make your own (use the hashtag #newtropicvalentine so we can see ’em!). You can see all the suggestions over on our Instagram page. Some of them were a little too NSFW for sharing… 🙈

Thanks to Lauren Fernandez, Roman Corrales, Brittany Janes, Andrea Vigil, Al Delcy, and everyone else for all the hilarious suggestions.

P.S. Looking for last-minute Valentine’s Day plans? Here’s a guide to everything going down at Miami breweries tonight. Including IRL Bumble setups.

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Ch-ch-ch-changes. Details about what the massive Magic City Innovation District in Little Haiti is gonna look like are finally beginning to emerge. Here are the highlights: 2,500 more residential units, 432 hotel rooms, 313,165 square feet of retail space, and 1.8 MILLION square feet of office space. That will require 17 new buildings, as tall as 27 stories. So, um, where does Little Haiti fit into all of this? No details on that… (Miami New Times)

Is nothing sacred?! The Marlins mascot race is RIGGED. But we’re still mad that Derek Jeter is getting rid of it. (Miami New Times)

It’s all roses. Pretty much all of the United States’ flowers come from South America and enter through MIA – and three-quarters of those come from Colombia. That’s good for the Colombian economy, but it’s also good for peace. The country hopes that the growing flower industry will keep people out of the cocaine industry, and the U.S. has given Colombia great trade terms to help with that. But a few years in, the program has fallen way short of expectations. (WLRN)

Keeping it in the fam. What’s a SoFlo election without a Regalado on the ballot? We’re not gonna find out this time. Raquel Regalado, a former school board member who ran for Miami-Dade mayor in 2016, is running for the Florida Senate seat that Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez is expected to leave so that Rodriguez can run for U.S. Congress. Raquel’s brother, Tomas Regalado, just ran for City of Miami commissioner in November. Their father was the last City of Miami mayor. (Miami Herald)

The results are in. University of North Florida polled voters about a bunch of key political issues in the Sunshine State, and here are a few takeaways: 71 percent of Floridians say they would approve a constitutional amendment to restore felons’ voter rights after they finish their sentences. 82 percent support letting DACA recipients stay in the U.S. 62 percent support legalizing recreational marijuana. Find the full poll results here. (UNF)

No bueno. A group of civil rights organizations have warned immigrants and people of color against traveling to Florida, which had the biggest jump of any state in arrests of undocumented immigrants last year. The group  says these folks  should especially stay away from “high-risk” areas like airports and Greyhound stations. (Miami New Times)

Flip the script. Can gentrification be a way to preserve culture? In Dallas, some Latino entrepreneurs say yes. The historically Latino West Dallas neighborhood is booming, and development money is pouring in. But locals are using that cash money to elevate Latino culture. They’re calling it gentefication. Could this be a model for Little Havana, too? (Dallas Morning News via Miami Herald)

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