👏 That time Coral Gables clapped back at Tallahassee

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👏 That time Coral Gables clapped back at Tallahassee


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Did we make any meaningful progress on gun control legislation in the last 24 hours?

Mainly because the House and Senate moved onto other legislation including:

There was plenty of discussion and frustration with Senate Bill 7026 and House Bill 7101 on Wednesday.

Lawmakers and experts say there are way too many loopholes in the new proposals (Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez says they’re “large enough to drive a truck through”). For example, the proposed minimum age on gun sales increasing from 18 to 21 doesn’t apply to unlicensed dealers or gun shows (across the U.S., about 22 percent of guns are purchased this way).

To recap some major moves from earlier this week: committees in both houses killed efforts to ban assault weapons while a proposal to arm teachers in schools was slipped into an existing bill.

What’s next? Both chambers will be back in session today and will likely pick up discussion on the proposed gun bills on the floor.

So you know, this is how we’re defining “progress” on gun control legislation: Any announced plan or direction that identifies specific policy changes or any filed or approved legislation. It can be  tricky to say a clear “yes” or “no” on any given day, but we’re going with what we think is the overall trend of decisions made that day.

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Whoa. Looks like Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho is headed to New York City to be their next schools chancellor (their version of the superintendent). He’s been offered the gig, but hasn’t officially accepted; the school board meets tomorrow to talk it out. Experts say it’s a good fit because there are a lot of similarities between New York and Miami’s public school systems, particularly when it comes to student demographics. His departure means Miami-Dade is losing a rising star in the education world. TBD who will replace him. (Miami Herald, POLITICO)

Act local. Florida law prohibits municipalities from making their own gun laws. If they do, leaders can be fined and the governor can remove them from office. But Coral Gables basically just told Tallahassee “eff that” and passed a ban on assault weapons in the city. (FWIW, it’s mostly a symbolic move because there are no merchants selling assault weapons there). Plus, Miami-Dade and Broward Public Schools are already taking steps to make schools safer, including requiring that classroom doors be locked at all times and that all middle and high school students wear IDs. (Miami Herald)

Thank you, Moonlight. A year ago, Moonlight put Miami on the cinematic map when it won an Oscar for Best Picture. This ode to what the film has done for the Magic City, and what it revealed to us about our own city, has us feeling all the feels. (Miami New Times)

Captain America. When he’s not running super successful restaurants like Kush and LoKal, restaurateur Matt Kuscher moonlights as Kaptain Kush, parading around the 305 in a weed mask and green cape, bringing attention to some of the city’s hidden gems, like Happy’s Stork Lounge. Yes, really. (Miami New Times)

Foul ball. Despite that big public announcement in January, David Beckham’s soccer stadium is far from a done deal.  Getting the necessary approval to build the 25,000-seat stadium is turning out to be a major mission – with tons of zoning changes, a legal challenge, and growing neighborhood opposition. (Miami Herald)

Because Miami. Reinforcing the stereotype that we commute to work by boats and JetSkis, Google Maps is introducing a street view of SoFlo’s waterways. It’ll launch as a mobile app this summer. (SFBJ)

By the numbers. A new poll shows that a majority of Floridians want stricter gun laws, including universal background checks and a higher minimum age for gun purchasers. One thing they don’t want: armed teachers in schools. But somehow a provision for that is still in bills pending in both the House and Senate… (Sun-Sentinel)

Wake up call. The New York Times featured six Americans from across the U.S. who changed their minds big time on climate change – and one of them is Miami’s own Valencia Gunder. Valencia says that for a long time she thought her neighborhood, Liberty City, had way more pressing issues to worry about than climate change – until a 2016 meeting when she first heard about “climate change gentrification.” That’s when it clicked.

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Things to do

Check out this event from our advertiser, New World Symphony.

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☠ 3/1: Miami Against Humanity: Death and Taxes (Overtown)

🎸 3/2:  Get folksy on Friday at the Yard (Wynwood)

📺 3/8: Learn how WatchMojo built an audience of 20 million (Allapattah)

💃 3/16: Celebrate Miami’s epic street trasitions at “Avenues of Expression” (Use promo code “NewTropic” for free entry!) (Downtown)

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We’ll see you tonight at Miami Against Humanity!

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