👰This Miami couple’s love for Target is next level
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👰This Miami couple’s love for Target is next level


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Did we make any meaningful progress on gun control legislation in the last 24 hours?

  • The House discussed Senate Bill 7026 ahead of today’s final vote but no substantial amendments or compromises were approved.
  • The bill still includes the “marshal” program that would arm some school staff members with guns, if local law enforcement and the school district allow for it.
  • Neither a proposed ban on assault weapons, nor a compromise to ban high-capacity magazines or other types of guns, was approved.
  • Loopholes in the plan (i.e. people buying from unlicensed dealers to avoid the three-day waiting period or the proposed 21-year-old minimum age requirement on sales) are still in the bill.

What’s next? Since the legislative session officially ends Friday (although it could be extended due to budget issues), the House will take a final vote on Senate Bill 7026 today. That means the window for changes to the bill is shrinking. If the bill is approved, it’ll go to Gov. Rick Scott and he’ll decide whether it’ll become law.

And this is how we’re defining “progress” on gun control legislation: Any announced plan or direction that identifies specific policy changes or any filed or approved legislation. It can be  tricky to say a clear “yes” or “no” on any given day, but we’re going with what we think is the overall trend of decisions made that day.

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Miami time. ICYMI, Miami-Dade was supposed to unveil a plan for expanding rail and other transit options this month. But the transportation department is asking for the county commission to give the firm another YEAR to study the options for the South Dade busway, the Dolphin Expressway corridor, and the MacArthur Causeway. That’s not going to play well with locals, who are impatient to see improvements they’ve been waiting years for. (Miami Herald)

New playbook. David Beckham’s ownership group really might be ditching its plans for a soccer stadium in Overtown. It met with the Miami city manager this week to talk about bringing the stadium to a golf course near the airport instead. What changed? As the owners’ plans for the stadium got more ambitious – growing to include a youth academy, restaurants, retail, and a “tech village” – they realized it might be too big to fit on the Overtown site. (Miami Herald)

Sick burn bro. A couple Republican lawmakers, including Sen. Rene Garcia of Hialeah, broke with their party on Monday and voted for a gun control bill. By Tuesday, they had jars of tar and feathers in their offices, as did several outspoken Democrats, like Miami Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez. The NRA says it had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, Parkland student David Hogg called on tourists to boycott visiting Florida until the legislature passes gun control measures. His goal is to use the state’s biggest industry to pressure lawmakers into action. (Politico, WLRN)

What a drag. A boom in kiteboarding has led to a super Miami feud. It started a couple months ago, when a kite boarder hit a beachgoer in the head near 25th Street, the most popular spot for boarding on Miami Beach. The victim was fine, but he was angry – and he wrote to city hall about it. So Miami Beach built a lifeguard stand at 26th street, which basically banned kiteboarding in the area because of a rule that you can’t board within 300 feet of a lifeguard stand. Today, the issue heads to the city commission. (Miami Herald)

I F*cking Love Science. Philip Frost, the namesake of the Frost Museum of Science, may not believe in climate change, but that hasn’t stopped the museum from doing some dope research into how to help coral deal with the impact of warming oceans. The museum has snagged a bunch of struggling staghorn coral to stress to “the edge of death” at the museum and will test out ways to revive it. (Miami Herald)

WTF. A 14-year-old Miami Gardens student was sexually assaulted three separate times at Carol City Senior High School last year, then when she told a teacher, was pressured by public school police to say that the sex was consensual, says the student’s mother. Then the student  was suspended for a week (as were the three boys accused of assaulting her). Several months later, the school district says it’s still investigating the whole situation. The student’s lawyers say it looks like a coverup. (Miami Herald)

More sunshine for the Sunshine State. The state legislature approved a bill to implement Daylight Savings Time year-round, pointing to all the extra costs that come with the sun going down earlier. The decision will head to Gov. Scott’s desk for his signature, but Florida needs Congress’s approval for it to actually go into effect. Only Hawaii and Arizona have made similar moves. (Miami Herald)

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We’ve gotta go work on our Target shopping list.

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