🦈What to do about the Marlins Park statue

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🦈What to do about the Marlins Park statue

Those lines tho. We don’t recommend sending this pic to your friends in the northeast RN. (📷@metal_chele)


Did we make any meaningful progress on gun control legislation in the last 24 hours?

  • As the session wraps up today, lawmakers shifted their focus to the budget and other legislation, like addressing the opioid crisis in the state.
  • Senate Bill 7026 (also known as the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act) awaits approval by Gov. Rick Scott. Will he sign it? Scott opposes the plan to arm some school staff with guns through a “marshal” program and has opposed waiting periods for gun sales in the past. He has about two weeks to sign or veto the bill.
  • Look out next week for a recap from us on how this gun control legislation went from proposal to approval and what comes next.

And this is how we’ve defined “progress” on gun control legislation: Any announced plan or direction that identifies specific policy changes or any filed or approved legislation. It can be  tricky to say a clear “yes” or “no” on any given day, but we’re going with what we think is the overall trend of decisions made that day.

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Experience one of Miami’s niche markets with a Saturday filled with authentic Caribbean art, food, culture, craft activities and live music! Learn More ».
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Not so fast. The “marshal” program to arm some teachers in Florida schools remains in the recently passed gun control legislation. But even if the bill is passed, the program would still have to be approved by school districts. Some of the state’s biggest districts, including Miami-Dade and Broward County (where the Parkland shooting happened), are already saying they don’t plan to opt in. (Tampa Bay Times)

Chilling. After several requests from local media outlets, the 911 calls from the Feb. 14 shooting in Parkland have been released to the public. (Miami Herald)

A home for the home-run statue. New Miami Marlins owner Derek Jeter is not a fan of the home run statue in Marlins Park and wants to see it gone. But it looks like a plan to move it downtown to Museum Park is now dead, according to county leaders. In the meantime,  Miami.com has some ideas on where the statue could go. (Miami Herald)

Well, this is awkward. Thanks to a House bill that could change “resign-to-run” laws, four candidates for U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s seat might have to leave their current jobs as elected politicians to be able to run for hers. The change basically says the candidates’  current terms can’t overlap with the one they’re hoping for. The affected candidates have all said they’d step down if they have to. And if the House bill passes, they’ll have until late April to make a decision. (Miami Herald)

Business as usual. Despite the tragedy in Parkland last month, not much has changed at the Lock and Load gun range in Wynwood, and “Shoot Machine Guns” banner ads are still flying over the heads of Miami Beach tourists. When the gun range and the ad company that makes the banners were asked about the ads, they declined to comment. (Miami Herald)

A future for former felons. Desmond Meade, the leader of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, wants to to restore voting rights for former felons. Voters will get to decide whether to approve the change. Wanna learn more? Check out this video. (Rise Up)

R.I.P. WMC? The Winter Music Conference historically played a huge role in both Miami and the world’s electronic music scene but as Miami Music Week approaches, it seems like the music has died. According to Miami New Times, the decline of the popular festival dates back to the split between the conference and the mega-popular Ultra Music Festival. 😞

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If you’re hitting Calle Ocho, here’s what you need to know to have a proper pachanga.

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