😋That’s our kind of bracketology

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😋That’s our kind of bracketology


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If you’ve been falling behind on your New Year’s resolution to get more active, yoga instructor Julianne Aerhe says to cut yourself some slack –  it’s about staying persistent, even through the stumbles. Here are some more of her tips on getting, and staying, active in Miami.

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Forgot something. Miami Beach government is totally down with bringing the Wynwood Yard to North Beach as the North Beach Yard. But there’s a catch – the city doesn’t have regulations to govern the innovative concept, which is basically a temporary development of food trucks, storage containers, and tents. Which means bringing it to life could cause some headaches for city zoning officials. (Miami Herald)

Back to the future. Remember last year when Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez said trains were “19th century technology” and suggested ditching the county rail expansion plan in favor of Chinese-built bus rapid transit? Looks like he was pretty serious about it. He’s on a field trip to China with about 50 other county officials and employees to scope it out for real. (Miami Herald)

Take a bow. Miami New Drama founder Michel Hausmann got props from NBC News for creating a theater company that reflects a “changing America” – one that’s multilingual and diverse. If you’ve caught one of his performances, you know how much Miami New Drama’s shaking things up, but do you know Hausmann’s story before arriving in the 305? You should.

This is 2018. A music festival with tens of thousands of people in an open park, surrounded by tall buildings? That’s Ultra, obviously. But that also describes the Las Vegas concert that became the site of the largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history last year. Recognizing the similarities, Miami police are beefing up their normal security measures, including putting police snipers in some of the condo buildings around Bayfront Park. (Miami Herald)

SMH. As the opioid crisis worsens, the need for the life-saving drug naloxone has soared – and so have its prices. Back in 2013, Miami Fire Rescue spent $9 on a dose of the drug. By 2016, it was spending $40 a dose – and buying 4,600 of them. Now, as expenses increase, emergency responders are demanding some transparency on those price jumps from drug manufacturers. (WLRN)

#SAVAGE. Even if college basketball isn’t your thing, you don’t have to miss out on the bracket madness.The Miami Herald has brought back Munch Madness, a competition to choose Miami’s best restaurant. Last year, Flanigan’s beat out Mignonette for the championship. Yes, really. (Miami.com)

Take 2. Last year, the Florida legislature tried to slash the New World School of the Arts’ budget by $650,000 – right after Moonlight, written by New World alum Tarrell Alvin McCraney, won the Oscar for Best Picture. The mass outcry from alumni and others canceled that plan. But last week lawmakers slipped a $500,000 cut for New World into this year’s budget, and it looks like it’s sticking around. Tarrell has some words about that. (Politico, Facebook)

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Things to do


🎬 Through 3/18 Get your film buff on at the Miami Film Festival (Multiple locations)

🎸 3/13: Broaden your musical horizons at World Music Tuesdays (Wynwood)

👚 3/14: Stitch ‘n’ Bitch at the Freehand (South Beach)

🔥 3/14: Take a night hike and get some s’mores at Deering Estate (Cutler Bay)

🏞 3/14: Hear how decisions in D.C. affect our national parks (Downtown)

☀ 3/14-3/15: Learn about going solar with the Miami-Dade Solar Co-Op (Hialeah, North Miami Beach)

🎸 3/14: Slow down at Veza Sur Unplugged (Wynwood)

📖 3/16: Swoon over Junot Diaz’s words with Books & Books (Downtown)

💁 3/16: Get femme at Villain Theater (Little Haiti)

🥁 3/16-3/17: Celebrate the rhythms of Cuba at the Global Cuba Fest (Wynwood)

🔬 3/17: Be a scientist for the day with Frost Science (Virginia Key)

💻 3/17: Learn WTF “UX” is (Brickell)

🌃 3/17: The Black Lounge Outdoor Film Series is back under the stars (Overtown)

📗3/17: Catch readings by some of our leading writers of color (Cutler Bay)

🎷 3/17-3/18: Jazz greats head to Hard Rock Stadium (Miami Gardens)

🇮🇪 3/17-3/18: Get down at a St. Patrick’s Day block party (Wynwood)

📷 3/17-3/20: Shoot the equinox sunrise at Deering Estate (Cutler Bay)

🍀 3/18: Get lucky at the Miami Flea (Downtown)

📖 3/18: The founder of O, Miami drops his own book of poems (Coral Gables)

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We’re gonna go watch that video of the sledgehammer man a couple more times.

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