💉We injected ourselves with platelet-rich plasma. Just for you.

We're feeling more chill just looking at this snap from Matheson Hammock.


As promised, we tried another… unconventional… wellness treatment. This one involved some blood and a little bit of sweat, but thankfully no tears.

Lance, our storytelling producer, tried a stem cell treatment at the American Stem Centers of Excellence in South Miami.

The process basically looked like this: Lance gave some blood, that blood went into a machine that helps make something called platelet-rich plasma, then Lance was injected with that same plasma to help treat some nagging shoulder pain. 🤕

You can check out his experience (don’t worry — you won’t see any injections!) on our Instagram stories. And if you missed our story on a special mind-reading meditation, it’s highlighted on our Instagram page!

Got questions about this or suggestions for more things we could try? Let us know by replying to this newsletter.

And shout out to some tips we got for meditating from folks on Instagram: Keep a notebook beside you so when an idea or task you forgot pops up, you can write it down and continue meditating. And set a timer for yourself while you meditate! (Thanks @plantedinmiami, @itscat5c & @melly24!)

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Clock is ticking. A judge just ruled that Florida’s system for restoring felons’ voting rights is unconstitutional and told Gov. Scott to get on fixing it pronto. By April 26, the judge wants a plan for replacing the current system, in which a felons’ voting rights can only be restored by a vote from the governor and his cabinet. It could be a moot point by November, though. That’s when Floridians will vote whether to give felons’ back their voting rights once they complete their sentences. (Miami Herald)

Show me the money. SoFlo startups have long struggled with bringing in the cash. But for the third year in a row, they’ve clinched more than 100 deals, totaling more than $500 million. 🙌The catch? most of the investors are still not SoFlo based. (Miami Herald)

One step forward. Last year the Miami Herald investigation “Fight Club” revealed a corrupt, broken juvenile justice system in Florida. The state has a long way to go in fixing the system, but Gov. Rick Scott just approved the department’s 2019 spending plan, which includes a 10 percent pay raise for all lockup and probation officers – an important first step. (Miami Herald)

The crypto come-up. It’s not just that one guy in your group chat – cryptocurrency really is blowing up in the 305. Thanks to a lack of regulation and a lot of foreign money, crypto is killing it here, with realtors listing condos in Bitcoin and ATM machines that dispense cryptocurrency popping up all over. (Miami New Times)

Bad company. When the Harvey Weinstein scandal first broke, Everglades Foundation founder Paul Tudor Jones sent Weinstein an email telling him it would all blow over. “I love you,” Jones wrote. “Focus on the future as America loves a good comeback story.” Welp. Jones may now be looking for a comeback story of his own as the group Women United Now is calling for his resignation from the foundation because of his ties to Weinstein and a rep for demeaning women. But Jones says the group is merely a front for the sugar industry, which has beef with the Everglades Foundation for its opposition to the billion-dollar industry that has wrecked the Everglades ecosystem. (Miami New Times)

Never again, achieved. When Hurricane Irma cut power to much of South Florida, 12 elderly residents of a Hollywood Hills nursing home died in their power-less building. The tragedy spurred the Florida Legislature into action, and Gov. Rick Scott just signed into law a rule that all nursing homes and assisted living facilities must have power generators that can not only keep the lights on, but power A/C systems too. Many of the post-Irma deaths were due to complications from the heat. (Miami Herald)

Sound off. The Knight Foundation has a new Miami program director in the house, and he wants to hear from you. Raul Moas is going on a bit of a listening tour, and there are three events coming up that are open to the public. Got thoughts? Share them. (Knight Foundation)

LOLOLOL. Houston Cypress, a Miccosukee Tribe member, just planned to come to Ultra and enjoy the music like everyone else. But when he saw all the Ultra attendees wearing Native American headdresses, the environmental and gay rights activist was pissed – rightfully so, since headdresses are important symbols to Native Americans. So he trolled them. Hard. (Miami New Times)

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But if you need a little something to help you roll into Hump Day, here’s a list from Eater of all the best sushi spots in the 305.


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