❄️ What -240 degrees Fahrenheit feels like
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❄️ What -240 degrees Fahrenheit feels like

We’re keeping it going with our experiments at some unusual wellness and fitness spots, and today we decided to chill. Literally.

Our brave storytelling producer, Lance, jumped into a cryotherapy chamber at Cryo Miami in the Gables. It dropped down to a temperature of about -240 degrees Fahrenheit ❄❄❄.

The 3-minute treatment is meant to remove lactic acid, reduce swelling and inflammation, and is really popular with athletes. In Lance’s case it just lead to him making faces like this:

See the whole experience on our Instagram stories and keep letting us know about any offbeat wellness treatments you’ve tried. Meanwhile, Lance will be looking for a fresh colada and a warm blanket.


Also, our bad: In yesterday’s newsletter we described the injection of platelet-rich plasma as a kind of stem cell treatment. Technically it’s a separate process from stem cell treatment or therapy, but the treatments can be done together depending on a person’s issue.

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No big. If you live in the western part of Miami-Dade, it might seem a little smoky out there. That’s because a brush fire is burning in the undeveloped pine forests west of SW 137th Avenue and SW 8th Street. But easterly winds are keeping it away from residential areas, and although it’s pretty big, so far it doesn’t pose a risk to any residents or drivers. (CBS Local)

Not so fast. In 2018, the Downtown Development Authority turned a stretch of parking lots down the middle of Biscayne Boulevard into a month-long pop-up park called Biscayne Green, complete with food trucks, picnic tables, and concerts. Locals loved it (although people looking for parking probably loved it less), so it was pretty exciting when the state Legislature gave the DDA $1 million in this year’s budget to make it a more permanent thing. Unfortunately for them, Gov. Rick Scott just vetoed that. (Miami Today)

One step forward. A Palm Beach company has figured out a pretty snazzy way to use Florida’s enormous amount of leftover sugarcane fiber: biodegradable plates, bowls, and takeout containers. The idea is to begin to undo some of the damage caused by one of the state’s biggest – and most environmentally damaging – industries. (WLRN)

Tip of the iceberg? Climate change experts have no doubt the seas are rising on SoFlo, but there’s a lot of disagreement on how fast. Why? Because no one knows how fast the glaciers will melt. Here’s why that’s so hard to figure out. (WLRN)

All the spa water. Coworking giant WeWork and the City of Miami have worked out a little deal to help Miami in its goal to attract more entrepreneurs and help WeWork fill up its new locations in the city. From now on, people and businesses looking for workspace through Miami will get kicked over to WeWork’s discount page, and WeWork will offer them a 20 percent discount on the space for the first couple months there. (Miami Herald)

Makeover. The massive Miami Worldcenter project is on its way. With a bajillion buildings and the soon-to-open Miami Central Brightline station right next door, it’s gonna totally transform the neighborhood. Get a sneak peek at what’s coming. (The Real Deal)

Move over Sopranos. Little talked-about local fact about the Bay of Pigs invasion: some of the veterans who came back to the U.S. ended up forming a Cuban-American mafia called The Corporation. Wanna know more? There’s a new novel out about that kinda scary period in Miami history. (WLRN)


And don’t worry, Zak the Baker isn’t really selling his shop. That Insta snap was just a fun Passover tradition that we’ll explain more next week. Phew.


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