🐊 It’s a gator’s world. We just live in it.

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🐊 It’s a gator’s world. We just live in it.

Didn't know Tiffin lunch was a thing. BRB while we go gather our lunch gang for a visit to @gheeindiankitchen.


It’s earth month, so every week we’ll share some easy ways that all of us can live a little more sustainably in the Magic City.

Today, we’re re-upping our rundown on how to recycle right in the 305. It probably sounds pretty simple, but there are actually a lot of ways to get it wrong and mess it up for everyone. So here are a few things you should know:

  • You probably have single stream recycling, so you can put all of your recycling in one bin.
  • That doesn’t mean you can throw your trash in there. If you do that, the whole bin of recycling will be tossed.
  • You should never leave your recycling in a plastic bag when you toss it into the bin.
  • Those plastic bags like Publix bags can’t be recycled in a normal recycling bin. But most Publix stores have a place to drop them off for reuse and recycling, so if you forget your reusable tote bag and have to use plastic ones, make sure to bring them back!

Read on for the rest of our tips, including what to do if your property owner doesn’t provide a way to recycle. Plus, here’s a fun little quiz from the Sun-Sentinel on how well you know your recycling facts.

And here’s a sneak peek at some of the other topics we’ll be tackling:

  • Where and how to compost
  • How to buy items in bulk
  • How to recycle/upcycle clothing and other goods

If you’ve got tips or suggestions for other topics we should cover, just hit reply to let us know.

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As if it wasn’t hard enough to wake up already. The Florida Legislature voted to make Daylight Saving Time a year-round thing, which means no more moving clocks back and forth in the fall and spring if the plan gets congressional approval. Here’s a super interesting look at how our lives will change if it goes through. Spoiler: Dark morning drives to work are about to become a thing for most of us. (Tampa Bay Times)

Growing like weeds. Wynwood just got its first medical marijuana clinic. The Grassroots Medicine and Wellness Center (heh) will offer nutrition counseling, alternative medicine, and cannabis evaluations, and it’s brought to us by former NFL linebacker Dr. Hevré Damas. He promises it’s a very “kumbaya” place. (Miami New Times)

Bad math. It will take YEARS to sell all the luxury condos that have been built in Miami in the last few years – an average of four years across Miami-Dade, but a whopping 6.5 years in Downtown. Meanwhile, much of the city is struggling to make rent, and people are being forced to move further and further away from the urban core to find a place they can afford. (Miami New Times)

News you can use. The nonstop media coverage since the Parkland shooting has made it hard to keep track of what’s actually changed about gun laws and what’s a whole lotta hot air. So here’s a pretty awesome breakdown of almost everything that state and local governments, and private businesses have done since Feb. 14. It also has a list of ways to get involved in advocacy campaigns. (Sun-Sentinel)

And on that note… Ten South Florida cities – including Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, and South Miami – are suing Florida for the right to make their own local gun laws, whether that’s banning guns in their city hall or blocking the sale of assault rifles. Right now the state prohibits municipalities from doing that and, if they go against state law, officials risk massive fines and even removal from office. (Miami Herald)

That golf cart life. Everyone loves to hate on our public transit, but there’s one service cruising around the 305 that people straight up love: the private transit service called Freebee. Those golf cart-like things that you often see cruising around neighborhoods like South Beach and Wynwood are expanding like crazy as neighborhoods and cities build up their own downtown areas and as parking becomes a major hassle. (Miami Herald)

Nothing to see here. For two weeks pretty much everyone in SoFlo, plus engineers all over, have been obsessing over what caused the FIU pedestrian bridge collapse. So far, the answer is a big “shrug.” While there are a lot of intriguing theories out there, we still know nothing conclusive, and it could be months before we do. (Miami Herald)

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Things to do



🌊 Learn what normal people can do to fight climate change (Key Biscayne)


🎤 Enjoy some spoken word poetry and music at open mic night (Allapattah)

📵 Put your phone down and enjoy a meal (Wynwood)

🎲 Play bingo with your ladies (South Beach)


🍷Test how well you know your wine (Design District)

🚘 Discuss the sharing economy and our cities (Allapattah)

🎤 Belt it out at karaoke for music nerds (Wynwood)

🏳️‍🌈 Visit the PAMM for free and celebrate Pride (Downtown)

👖 Upcycle your denim and jam at a silent disco (Little River)


🌃 Dance under the Stars on Giralda Avenue (Coral Gables)

🎧 Pod Saves America hits the 305 (Downtown)

🎸Get folksy with Keith Johns at the Yard (Wynwood)

😴 Grab your pajamas (and your kids) and recite poetry under the stars (South Beach)


🍺Celebrate craft beer at the Sprung! Beer Festival (Wynwood)

🎷Enjoy a day of jazz on the lawn (Liberty City)

🚲Bike the Underline (Various locations)

🛠Get your inner maker on at the Maker Faire (Downtown) through 4/8

🚣Jam, eat, and drink on the historic Miami River (Downtown)

🖼Follow a local artist’s journey back home (Opa-locka)

Are you hitting up one of these events? Tag us in your pics with @thenewtropic.

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