🌊 Where to chase waterfalls tonight

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🌊 Where to chase waterfalls tonight

Matt Mawhinney, hosting a Florida Action Cast podcast at Villain Theater (Photo courtesy of Action Cast Media)


The mega-popular podcast Pod Save America is coming down to Miami tonight. When the folks from Crooked Media were looking to spread the word on the tour’s Miami stop they reached out to Matt Mawhinney, founder of Action Cast Media.

Matt produces the Florida Action Cast and Drinks with Politicians podcasts. Both shows focus on news and political issues of the day, whether that’s gun control or development in Miami, and politicians like City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell and State Rep. Shevrin Jones have made appearances.

We talked to Matt about how he got into all this.

So what inspired you to get into podcasting?

Post election I felt like I was going to a different march or rally every weekend and I was thinking of how to translate that energy into something productive. I’ve always been interested in podcasts and I thought, “Is there a way I can kind of get the voice of the people into something more accessible?

Did you have podcasting experience before?

No. I watched a lot of videos online and realized the biggest thing is the equipment. Once you can capture a good recording, that’s the key. Then the next step is, “What website can I put it on?” Things like that.

How’d you connect with Pod Save America?

Someone on their staff was just kind’ve looking for people in the political media space in South Florida and they found my Facebook page. One of the representatives from Crooked Media reached out to me and said, “We were hoping you’d be able to get the word out to politically-engaged people like yourself and that you have in your network.”

What do you think made Miami attractive?

I think there’s a recognition that Miami is a center of progressive energy in a sea-change state. I think it fits the model of some of the other cities they’ve picked.

So, any other local podcasts folks should check out?

I like the Bird Road podcast. It’s co-hosted by a former Miami Herald reporter, David Quinones. Another good one is The Rotunda. It focuses more on statewide issues and politics. Another one is Strange Days. It’s hosted by Fernand Amandi who used to have a show on WIOD.

Is there a dream guest you’d love to have on your pod?

I think it’d be pretty cool to sit down with Bernie Sanders. Stephen Colbert would be pretty cool to sit down with, too.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and length. Head here for more info on Matt’s podcast, and if you’re interested in tonight’s Pod Tours America show, here’s where you can snag tickets.

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Biker babe. We are loving the New York Times’ “Overlooked” series even more now that they’ve highlighted Bessie B. Stringfield, Miami’s own “motorcycle queen.” This badass was roaring around the 305 and across the U.S. on her motorcycle back when society didn’t approve of women doing much other than housework. The former maid has been inducted into the American Motorcyclist Association Hall of Fame and today hundreds of women bikers drive across the country every year in her honor. (NYT)

*Hands over ears singing la la la la la* A much less fun season opener just passed: Colorado State University’s Atlantic hurricane preseason forecast. And it’s predicting seven hurricanes, with three of them at least a Category 3. But don’t worry too much, forecasters warn that this is a super early guess, and lots could change before we reach the season in June. (Miami Herald)

Tick tock. We have a question for all those people running for Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s congressional seat who currently hold local or state office: what are you waiting for? County Commissioner Bruno Barreiro already resigned his seat, but we’re still waiting on three others, and they’ve got to decide soon. (Miami Herald)

Oh, FFS. The City of Miami’s Sea Level Rise Committee is under pressure to start thinking and talking about the thing that’s causing the sea level rise: climate change. “We are the sea level rise committee, not the climate committee,” a board member said last week when an activist suggested that the city start tracking the costs of adapting to climate change. 🙄 City officials are telling the committee to rethink that. (Miami Herald)

Nom nom nom. Just in time for the weekend, we’ve got Eater’s latest list of the best restaurants in Miami. It’s got a bunch of spots that have been on the list for years, like Michael’s Genuine and Sugarcane, but also some hot new places, like Ono Poke Shop. Sign us up. (Eater)

Show stopper. The Fort Lauderdale City Commission is over hosting gun shows at the city-owned War Memorial Auditorium, which it’s been doing several times a year for 30 years. While local governments are banned from making their own gun laws  –and some might call kicking out the gun show exactly that – commissioners argue that because the city owns the auditorium, that gives them the right to not renew the lease. TBD whether the state will agree. (WLRN)

WTF. The folk in charge of the state prison in Coleman, Florida, have banned prisoners from receiving books, cards, and letters in crayon or marker (that one is especially WTF). The internal memos about the change don’t say why, but given the fact that the only way for inmates to get books now will be buying them from prison suppliers, at least part of this seems kinda obvious. The ACLU says it’s gonna fight the decision. (Miami New Times)

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