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These days it seems like there’s a podcast on just about everything – and you’ve probably got an epic list of “saved for later” episodes, plus more recommendations than you can handle.

Amid all those options, the small, local ones can get drowned out. But there’s some dope stuff hitting iTunes around here, so we compiled a list of podcasts that are made right here in the 305 or that focus on Miami and our fair Sunshine State, on everything from politics to books to entrepreneurs. There’s even a show dedicated to recapping old TV series.

Check our list out here. We bet this only scratches the surface. Are we missing any? Hit reply to the newsletter and let us know.

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🎶 NWS presents Maurice Ravel: A Musical Journey
"Queer as Folk" actor Scott Lowell portrays Maurice Ravel, one of the most extraordinary composers of the 20th century, with the New World Symphony.


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Pay attention to this. Hundreds of Miami Northwestern High School students walked out of class yesterday and marched to nearby Liberty Square. They were protesting ongoing gun violence that killed one of their classmates, Kimson Green, on Sunday. The frustrated students are demanding that local officials give gun violence in their community the same attention they’ve given Parkland. “No justice. No peace. No violence in the streets,” they chanted. The students tried to stage a walkout on Monday, but administrators made them stay on school property. You can see video of the Tuesday walkout here. (Miami Herald, WLRN, Facebook)

As if getting rid of the mascot race wasn’t enough. ICYMI, Miami-Dade County announced a few weeks ago that it’s suing the Miami Marlins for the couple million dollars that previous owner Jeffrey Loria owes them after selling the team for a $500 million profit. In a bizarre twist, the team’s lawyers are now saying that the team is legally owned in the British Virgin Islands and U.S. rules don’t apply. Their hope is the case will get booted to a federal judge who will be less sympathetic to the county. So much for being the hometown team. (Miami New Times)

Hate in an unexpected place. Two gay men were attacked on South Beach Sunday after the Pride Parade. According to witnesses, one of the four attackers shouted an anti-gay slur before wailing away on the two men, who say they were holding hands. The attack is particularly jarring because Miami Beach has a rep for being a safe space for LGBT residents and visitors, especially during Miami Beach Gay Pride, one of the biggest LGBT celebrations in the country. The suspects turned themselves in to cops Tuesday evening. (Miami Herald)

Anotha one. The North Miami Beach mayor agreed to resign Tuesday after a two-year investigation for violating campaign finance laws. His resignation might not have been such a big deal except that he’s the third official to leave in recent months and now the city commission doesn’t even have enough members to vote on things like the budget and zoning laws. TBD what they’ll do about making big, important city decisions in the interim. One commissioner was removed from office for missing all but one meeting since April 2017 and another resigned to become the city manager in North Bay Village. (Miami Herald)

#SAVAGE. Traffic getting out of Palmetto Bay in South Dade has gotten so bad that when a local developer hinted that a charter school company wanted to buy his plot of land to build a school, Palmetto Bay swooped in and bought the land themselves – basically so no one could build anything that might bring more people into the area. The vice mayor says the village got duped, claiming that developers hint at projects they know communities won’t like whenever they’re trying to get a local government to buy the property themselves. (Miami Herald)

Turn down the volume. Patrons love the new Little Havana hotspot Casa Florida for its chill vibes – the bar is a repurposed shipping container, and you can play bocce on the lawn. But neighbors say it’s nowhere near chill enough for the quiet, residential neighborhood it calls home. They want the volume turned way down. (Miami Herald)

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We’ve got good news: Today’s the last day that Publix chicken tender subs are on sale (this time) and here are some pro tips on choosing the right sauce. P.S. If you need to get amped this morning, you should go to arechickentendersubsonsale.com, click on the chicken tender, and turn your volume on. You’re welcome.

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