🕵️ That time Marlins Man become a private investigator

🕵️ That time Marlins Man become a private investigator

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We recently asked you to share what about buying a house in Miami keeps you tossing and turning at night, and we loved the smart questions we got from you. Now we’re using your questions to kick off a series we’re doing on what it takes to buy a house in Miami.

Our first story will highlight your answers to this question: If you are currently a homeowner, how did you decide you were ready to stop renting and buy your own spot?

Hit reply to tell us all about it. Or if you know someone who has a thoughtful answer to share, tell ‘em to get in touch with us at [email protected]. We may include your experience in our story.

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This week’s wellness tip comes to you from Cecelia Smith, one of the six Miamians taking on our wellness challenge.

Cecelia wants to improve her posture and overall mental and physical wellness. To do this, she got paired with Adrian Simo, owner of Simo Massage.

Her biggest challenge to overcome? Adjusting her daily routine to do her exercises. Here’s some of Cecelia’s advice:

  • Start your morning (even if you’re still in your PJs!) with some yoga
  • Focus that yoga on opening up your shoulders and back and waking up the core
  • If you can, do some back-strengthening exercises with a light weight or workout band
  • Try some neck stretches and seated twists at work throughout the day

Each week we’ll share out more tips from our challengers, and you can learn more about what they’re up to here.



Not all heroes wear capes. ICYMI, the Miami Marlins legal team is trying to claim that the organization has foreign citizenship because it has an office in the British Virgin Islands. The team hopes that the case over potential payments to Miami-Dade County will now be heard in a federal court instead of a local one, where the judge might be more sympathetic to the Marlins. But Marlins Man, previously the team’s most diehard fan, isn’t having it. He got on a plane to BVI and headed straight to that supposed corporate address – and found a P.O. Box with no Marlins employees working anywhere nearby. (Deadspin)

Do your homework. The National Transportation Safety Board is elbow-deep in its investigation into the FIU pedestrian bridge collapse and it all comes down to one thing: the evidence. Here’s a breakdown of how they’ll eventually figure out what caused the tragic accident. (Miami Herald)

New strategy. The rumors are true. Doral is another spot that David Beckham is considering for his soccer stadium. Also on the list: a golf course near the airport. All these new site proposals are sending a pretty clear signal that the team owners have decided that their original plan to build on county-owned land in Overtown may be way too much of a headache. (Miami Herald)

Womp womp. You know that feeling when you’re driving east on the Macarthur Causeway at sunset, marveling at how beautiful the Magic City is… and then you come up on that empty lot and kinda decrepit building where the causeway ends and you’re all 😞? Well, it may be getting prettier soon. A developer has plans. (Miami Herald)

Blown away. An online ticket marketplace decided to do a little extracurricular research into what kind of drugs are most popular at music festivals across the U.S. Well, Ultra was on their list, and – surprise! – turns out attendees to our EDM festival do more cocaine (about 10 percent of them) than the attendees of any other music festival in the country. (Miami New Times)

First things first. Elon Musk and his crew are scoping out the Miami-Orlando corridor for a future Hyperloop – yep, that crazy fast bullet train of the future. Miami-Dade is part of the convo. Cool, but can we also work on transit that will get us around the 305? (SFBJ)

But what is Bitcoin? Police say that last week’s shooting at the Whole Foods in Downtown was the result of a “Bitcoin deal gone bad.” Two men showed up with $30,000 in cash and a plan to turn it into $35,000 worth of Bitcoin. But when they met the Bitcoin dealer at Whole Foods, they got rushed by a fourth guy who wanted their IRL cash. They shot him in self-defense. (Miami Herald)

End of an era. With Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s retirement, the GOP is losing its biggest advocate for LGBT rights. (Miami Herald)


We’ll catch you mañana.

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