🍕Is this *really* the essential list of Miami pizza spots?
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🍕Is this *really* the essential list of Miami pizza spots?

Local records queen Lauren "Lolo" Reskin, co-owner of Sweat Records, is one of the many record store owners throwing a bash on Saturday.


If you have even one friend who’s super into buying and collecting vinyl, then you’ve probably heard of Record Store Day. The annual event, started back in 2007, is packed with rare releases, re-releases, exclusive recordings and remix albums. Basically, it’s a huge deal for music nerds.  

But it’s also super important for local record stores. Events like RSD help keep these mom-and-pop operations afloat and allow them to host community events, employ local musicians, fix your record players, and support other local businesses.

So whether it’s OG Miami stores like Sweat Records or newer ones like Technique Records and Brooklyn Vintage, head here for a breakdown of what some shops across the 305 are doing to celebrate this year’s Record Store Day.

And if you’re unsure of what’s up for grabs, here’s the full list of RSD releases. We’re most excited for Arcade Fire: EP, Courtney Barnett: The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, Phoenix: Monologue 7”, Nas: Illmatic: Live from the Kennedy Center.

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Listen up! We’re teaming up with O, Miami Poetry Festival and City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell to bring you the third annual Day of Thrones on Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Margaret Pace Park. The epic team competition is an all-ages affair, with events like tug of war and sack races, plus some nerdy brain games.

It’s basically field day, minus the bullies and awkward adolescence and plus Vice City Bean. The four teams are taking shape, but we’ve still got room for you. Get your tickets here. 

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Kids these days. 💪 Eight Floridians between 10 and 20 years old are suing Gov. Rick Scott for not taking steps to address climate change and the impact it will have on future generations. Their goal: force him to put the state to work on a science-based “Climate Recovery Plan.” Considering the sea level rise projections for SoFlo, it seems like a reasonable ask to us… (Miami Herald)

End of an era. Tomorrow is a big day for Cuba: leader Raul Castro is stepping down after two terms as president. His departure ends an almost 60-year streak of having a Castro in power. Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez will step up to the plate, and he’ll have some big challenges right away: how to reduce dependency on the government for employment, encourage private sector growth and foreign investment, and untangle the country’s dual currencies – all without the help of Venezuela, which used to be Cuba’s piggy bank.  (AP)

But we still need Bryan Norcross. Anyone here in the days leading up to Hurricane Irma knows what it feels like to watch that dreaded “cone of uncertainty” creep across the hurricane forecasting maps and wonder what it means for you. Welp, it’s not gone yet, but because of forecasting improvements, that cone is going to shrink this hurricane season. The method has been criticized as a pretty flawed way of showing people where the storm is headed because folks tend to focus on the center track and treat areas on the edges as unlikely to be hit. The shrinking cone is just one of a few things changing about  forecasts. (Miami Herald)

Race to the bottom. Miami.com dubbed the intersection of SE 2nd Street and SE 3rd Avenue in Downtown the “worst intersection in Miami.” Just reading all the different ways to cross that intersection, whether in a car or on foot, kind of gives us heart palpitations. It sounds like a nightmare, but we still think it’s a pretty tight race with Biscayne Boulevard and NE 36th Street.

Bad math. It’s common knowledge that Miami-Dade Transit has been having some money struggles, but our eyes still kind of bugged out when we saw their stats on how much it costs them per passenger per trip: $6.16 in 2017 (up from $5.35 in 2016). Considering that fares are at most only $2.25 per trip (many people ride at reduced rates), that’s no bueno for the agency. (Miami Today)

Green juice all day every day. Fun fact: until Tuesday, you could barely find anything green in any food spot around the UM Health District. The folks behind Wynwood Yard (full disclosure: our partner) thought that was kind of bizarre, so they opened up Jackson Hall to serve up healthy noms on the edge of the health district campus in a spot that’s oozing with good vibes. They’re now officially open for business. (WLRN)

Time to pay up. The City of Miami is suing opioid manufacturers and distributors for their role in the opioid crisis that’s ravaging the whole U.S. right now. “We believe the pharmaceutical industry knowingly inflicted a great burden on the people of the city of Miami and our nation,” City Manager Emilio T. Gonzalez said. Miami Fire Rescue responded to 1,716 calls involving opioids in 2017. In 2016, they only got 668 of those calls. It’s not the first city in Florida to sue like this, but it is the largest. And cities across the U.S. are doing the same thing. (Patch, CityLab)

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Around Town


😂“I know why Nick Cage screams.” Enough said. (O, Miami / Downtown)

💸 Vote for your favorite female-led startup at “Geek tank” (Allapattah)


🏥 Meet the healthcare startups ready to take the industry by storm (Downtown)

🍺Brickell City Centre is turning into a biergarten again (Brickell)

🎸Jam to classic rock and pop on rooftop (Downtown)


🎼 Catch Nu Deco Ensemble with Kishi Bashi (South Beach) Through Saturday

🌊 Fight climate change denial with art (Various locations) Through Sunday

🎸It’s (not) “just another day” with Jon Secada (Design District)

👠This is what happens when you combine drag, acapella, and comedy (South Dade)

🍽Dine with Syrian refugees and hear their stories (O, Miami / Coral Gables)


🍻 Drink beer, beautify Wynwood, and save the Bay (Wynwood)

🌊Celebrate Biscayne Bay at Baynanza (Various locations)

🖼Get a look at visually delicious posters (South Beach)

🎾 Play tennis and raise money to fight sexual harassment (South Beach)

🌎 Celebrate the earth at Wynwood Yard (Wynwood)

🎙Celebrate Record Store Day at Sweat Records (Little Haiti)

🌱Nom on a multi-course dinner straight from our local farms (Little Haiti)

🛍Browse the first-ever Miami Market for Makers (Design District) Through Sunday


🧘 Take the 21-day mindfulness challenge (Various locations) Through May 12

🏳️‍🌈Celebrate LGBTQ poets with a reading of a new collection (South Beach)

🌎Race solar cars, make your own trail mix, and reduce your carbon footprint at Frost Museum’s Earth Day party (Downtown)


Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away yesterday. She was one of only two women in U.S. history to be married to one president and the mother of another (the other was Abigail Adams) and she was a pretty savvy political operator herself, waging a major campaign for literacy.

Mrs. Bush said a lot of memorable things in all her years in the spotlight, but we’ll leave you with this one:

“Believe in something larger than yourself… get involved in the big ideas of your time.”

Have a great Wednesday, friends.

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