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😱 You have just three days.


This month we’re profiling exotic fruits you can find all over Miami and how to eat them.

We’ve told you about the soursop and the papaya, and now we’re profiling the pitaya—more commonly known as the dragon fruit.

Despite a spiky exterior that matches its intimidating name, this fruit is actually pretty delicious and can be enjoyed a number of ways (just don’t eat the skin, it’s not very tasty).

Like the other fruits we’ve mentioned, it contains a healthy hit of vitamin C and can be found in tropical climates. Here are some more fun facts about the pitaya.

WHAT’S UP WITH THE NAME? The fruit originates from Mexico and parts of Latin America, where it was called “pitaya.” Then it eventually made its way to Asian countries where we think (even the USDA is unsure) it was renamed “dragon fruit” because of its fireball-like appearance.

WHERE DOES IT GROW? The fruit grows from a long, vine-covered cactus plant that also looks kinda like a dragon. (Sadly no dragons are involved.) And these plants are actually pretty easy to grow in South Florida. Here are some tips from a local Miami writer, from Fairchild Botanical Garden, on how to grow one in your own backyard.

WHERE CAN I BUY SOME? Like many other exotic fruits, you can find the pitaya at fruit stands across the 305 and also at South Dade favorite Robert is Here.

SO HOW SHOULD I EAT THIS THING? When you cut it open, you’ll see that it looks and tastes a lot like a kiwi, with small black seeds and a white fleshy core. You can scoop it out and eat it, cut it into slices or into cubes and add it to a fruit salad. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can even sprinkle on some red pepper flakes and grill it or add it to a fruit kebab with some pineapple slices. You could also mix up a dragon fruit smoothie or try making some dragon fruit sangria.

Got other suggestions for how to enjoy dragon fruit? Tell us your ideas in the comments on our video.

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Reefer Madness. Weed may finally be somewhat legit in Florida, but the story of how it got there is long, bizarre, and oh-so-Florida. It features the original Florida Man and a one-time Palm Beach music festival where the attendees were so high that they tore down the outhouses for firewood when the temperature dropped. (Miami New Times)

Yikes. The number of credit card skimmers installed at gas pumps across SoFlo is skyrocketing, and the state government can’t keep up. Almost 200 have been found already, and it’s only April. Last year, they found about 650 all year. Officials and gas station owners are working hard to address the problem, but they’re not making much headway so far. To protect yourself, pay inside instead of at the pump, and don’t use your debit card. Credit cards have a lot more protections against theft. (Sun-Sentinel)

What’s the secret password? Next time you’re at bustling Taco Stand in Wynwood, keep an eye on the back door. When it opens you can sneak a peek at Hiden, a secret omakase restaurant. The two spots share a door, but that’s all they have in common. Hiden is an intimate, quiet spot where you pay $130 for 16 courses of fish flown in overnight from Japan. Reservations are already booked a couple weeks out. (Miami New Times)

Whoa. Your November ballot is gonna be a little extra this year – there will be THIRTEEN statewide amendments on the ballot, with decisions on everything from restoring felons’ voter rights to an expansion of casino gambling. But don’t worry – we’ll have a voter guide for ya. (News Service of Florida)

It’s complicated. When Irma’s storm surge receded, it left a soggy mess in Michael Aronsohn and Penny Tannenbaum’s Coconut Grove home. After they finished the cleanup, they started searching for ways to prevent a repeat. They found one in Louisiana: raise the whole house up on stilts so that the water can flow underneath. But as simple as the idea is, implementing has been anything but. So far they can’t even get a straight answer on whether the city code will allow it. (Miami Herald)

Move over, fixies? Wynwood’s got new wheels. LimeBike, the company behind those electric green bikes you see all over the 305, is launching electric scooters in the neighborhood. Lots of details TBD, but considering they’re only being rolled out in Wynwood – in limited numbers –  and there will be all kinds of rules about when and where they can be used, we’ll see if they actually take off. (Miami Herald)

Round three. Coral Gables and FPL have been in a fight pretty much nonstop since Hurricane Irma knocked out most of the city’s power. Coral Gables, one of the last areas to get its electricity fully restored, sued the utility company for the delays, but FPL pinned the blame on the Gables, saying it should have done a better job trimming its trees. This week, the judge ruled that the city can’t make FPL upgrade the system or trim trees, but it can sue them to get damages. (Miami Herald)

Meanwhile… The entire territory of Puerto Rico lost power on Wednesday. Officials say everyone will have it back within 36 hours, but it’s a big reminder of how far the island still has to go before it’s “normal” again. (WLRN)

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Things to do

Check out this event from our advertiser, Fritz and Franz Bierhaus.

😂 Blues Fest Party on the Plaza BluesFest Party on the Bierhaus Plaza with live performances by 15 bands from all over the United States. Cajun food, international beers & drinks.



🏥 Meet the healthcare startups ready to take the industry by storm (Downtown)

🍺Brickell City Centre is turning into a biergarten again (Brickell)

🎸Jam to classic rock and pop on rooftop (Downtown)


🎼 Catch Nu Deco Ensemble with Kishi Bashi (South Beach) Through Saturday

🌊 Fight climate change denial with art (Various locations) Through Sunday

🎸It’s (not) “just another day” with Jon Secada (Design District)

👠This is what happens when you combine drag, acapella, and comedy (South Dade)

🍽 Dine with Syrian refugees and hear their stories (O, Miami / Coral Gables)

SATURDAY, APRIL 21 (Today is jam-packed!)

🍻 Drink beer, beautify Wynwood, and save the Bay (Wynwood)

🌊 Celebrate Biscayne Bay at Baynanza (Various locations)

🖼 Peep visually delicious posters (South Beach)

🎾 Play tennis and raise money to fight sexual harassment (South Beach)

🌎 Celebrate the earth at Wynwood Yard (Wynwood)

🎙Jam at Sweat Records’ Record Store Day party (Little Haiti)

🌱Nom on a multi-course dinner straight from our local farms (Little Haiti)

🛍Shop the first-ever Miami Market for Makers (Design District) Through Sunday


🧘 Take the 21-day mindfulness challenge (Various locations) Through May 12

🏳️‍🌈Celebrate LGBTQ poets with a reading of a new collection (South Beach)

🌎Race solar cars, make your own trail mix, and reduce your carbon footprint at Frost Museum’s Earth Day party (Downtown)

MONDAY, 4/23

🎳 Casual sporting meets poetry at Bowlingleggers (O, Miami / Westchester)

Discover 90+ handmade makers Sat + Sun while sipping mimosas inside the gorgeous Moore Building. Don't miss out & get your tix before they're gone! Learn More ».
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We’ll catch you mañana. 👋

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