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If you haven’t experienced the magic of a Nu Deco Ensemble concert, you’re messing up… but we’re here to help you fix that.

We’ve got a set of tickets to tonight’s performance featuring indie-pop star Kishi Bashi at the New World Center. (Peep some of last year’s amazing performance here.) Nu Deco performs plenty of the classics you’re used to hearing from an orchestra, but they punctuate that with performances of contemporary artists like Daft Punk, Queen, and Radiohead.

Yep, it’s as dope as it sounds.

Want those tickets now? Have a friend sign up for this newsletter before 3 p.m. to be entered to win. But make sure to head to the bottom of this newsletter (Where it says “Want to help your friends be awesome and in-the-know too?”) and sign them up from there so you get the credit! We’ll announce the winner shortly after 3 p.m.

If you miss out on the giveaway, there are still a few tickets available for purchase tonight and Saturday night. Find those here.


A few weeks ago, we put together a list of 11 made-in-Miami podcasts, ranging from true crime stories to politics and soccer. But we missed a bunch. You let us know know (pretty quickly 😉 ) what else belonged on our list.

Now it’s got an update! A special shout out and thanks to Allison Langer, Virginia Lora, Mary Wolff, and Danny Peña for all their recs on ways to make our commute more bearable.

Happy listening, Miami 🎧

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If you thought you had a bad day… The Brightline president has you beat. He headed up to Congress Thursday to talk about the private rail company’s request for federally subsidized financing to help finish building the rail line, and he basically got shut down. That’s no bueno, because in the past Brightline said that bond money was pretty much essential. (SFBJ)

Glory days. The Miami Marine Stadium made what’s basically the historic honor roll this week when it earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. The waterfront stadium, considered an engineering marvel, hosted motorboat races and concerts by stars like Jimmy Buffett and the Beach Boys for decades. (Pause. Picture Queen Bey on a stage in the middle of the basin. 😍) But it’s been closed since 1992, and despite $45 million set aside to help pay for its restoration, it’s still just sitting there, collecting bird poop and graffiti. (Miami Herald)

WANT. Target will soon be offering drive-up service at 270 stores across the southeast, including a bunch in SoFlo. That means you’ll be able to shop via the Target mobile app and then simply pick up your purchases at the curb. Whoa. (Patch)

Get swole. City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez wants to become a “strong mayor.” Right now Miami is a “strong commission” city, which means that the mayor is mostly a figurehead. Commissioners and the city manager (chosen by the commission) make the major decisions. If voters agree to this “strong mayor” thing, the mayor will become the final decision maker on big things like the budget and major personnel moves (like hiring a police chief). The county government already operates like this, as do a couple cities in Miami-Dade. But City of Miami voters have to approve the change, and to get it on the ballot, Suarez has to get the commission to put it there, or get enough signatures from the public. (Miami Herald)

New era or nah? For the first time in decades, there’s no Castro running Cuba. Here’s what to know about Miguel Díaz-Canel, the new president. (Miami Herald)

#MeToo continued. Back in the fall, at the peak of the #MeToo movement, Miami Beach Commissioner Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez accused Rafael Velasquez, then a candidate for the commission, of seuxal assault. Two more women came out and accused him after that, effectively ending his run for the city commission. The state attorney’s office has been quietly investigating Rosen-Gonzalez’s accusation since then, and the verdict is in: they couldn’t find enough evidence to prove a crime, and actually, they found a bunch of conflicting information. But they’re not investigating Velasquez’s claim that she made it all up. (Miami Herald)

Sugar rush. Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop, which churns out some of the most delicious, inventive pies in the 305 (and a mean red velvet cake), is opening up a second shop in Coconut Grove. If that means we can have even more of that caramel “crack” pie, we’ll take it, damn the diabetes. (Miami.com)

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👭 4/21: A party for the ladies at OUTSHINE Film Festival (South Beach, after party in the Design District)

🎉 4/22: POSTPONED: Join our epic poetry-themed field day with O, Miami (Edgewater) 

📽 4/28: Say bye to OUTSHINE Film Festival for another year (South Beach)

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🎼 Catch Nu Deco Ensemble with Kishi Bashi (South Beach) Through Saturday

🌊 Fight climate change denial with art (Various locations) Through Sunday

🎸It’s (not) “just another day” with Jon Secada (Design District)

👠This is what happens when you combine drag, acapella, and comedy (South Dade)

🍽 Dine with Syrian refugees and hear their stories (O, Miami / Coral Gables)

SATURDAY, APRIL 21 (Can you believe how packed this day is?)

🍻 Drink beer, beautify Wynwood, and save the Bay (Wynwood)

🌊 Celebrate Biscayne Bay at Baynanza (Various locations)

🖼 Peep visually delicious posters (South Beach)

🎾 Play tennis and raise money to fight sexual harassment (South Beach)

🌎 Celebrate the earth at Wynwood Yard (Wynwood)

🎙Jam at Sweat Records’ Record Store Day party (Little Haiti)

🎛 Celebrate Muslim hip-hop at Hip Hoppa Locka (Opa-locka)

🌱Nom on a multi-course dinner straight from our local farms (Little Haiti)

🛍Shop the first-ever Miami Market for Makers (Design District) Through Sunday


🧘 Take the 21-day mindfulness challenge (Various locations) Through May 12

🏳️‍🌈Celebrate LGBTQ poets with a reading of a new collection (South Beach)

🌎Race solar cars, make your own trail mix, and reduce your carbon footprint at Frost Museum’s Earth Day party (Downtown)

MONDAY, 4/23

🎳 Casual sporting meets poetry at Bowlingleggers (O, Miami / Westchester)


💭 Discuss: Is our tech boom growing our income divide? (South Beach)

Sip on coffee and talk futbol and art at PAMM (Downtown)

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😍 New pop up market hits Design District
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Sure, the Heat couldn’t quite pull it off last night. But we’ll still be ready to cheer them on with our very own Heat line of pots and pans on Sunday afternoon, and we hope you will be, too. Have a great weekend, everyone. 👋

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