🤖 A robot is giving a speech in Miami this week.
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🤖 A robot is giving a speech in Miami this week.

Miami River views 😍


Yesterday was Earth Day, and all across the 305, people turned out to pick up trash, clean up our beaches, and learn about sustainability. That’s our kind of #livelikeyoulivehere.

But if we really want to have an impact, we’ve gotta keep that going all year round, not just on April 22. What’s one small thing you’ll commit to doing to help Mother Earth out a bit? If you’re looking for a little inspo, here are our tips on how to recycle right and how to get your composting on.

Here are a few people have already sent in via Instagram:

  • Biking to work at least once a week (@chrisadamo)
  • “Campaign for candidates who’ll push for more public transit… so cities can reduce the high emissions of reliance on single-occupancy vehicles.” (@albert_is)
  • Campaign to eliminate plastic straws from public schools (@marlyswim), telling servers at restaurants not to give you a straw (@volunteercleanup). Fun fact: The Wynwood Yard ditched plastic straws a long time ago, and their new spot, Jackson Hall, doesn’t have them either. David’s Cafe has also gone straw-free.
  • Shop at stores that have rejected single-use plastics (@volunteercleanup)
  • Signing up for Fertile Earth Foundation’s composting service (@luckynido)

Got one of your own? Share it on the thread here.

Later this week we’ll share out info on regular environmental volunteering opportunities and ways to cut down on your waste, like buying in bulk and upcycling your old clothes. Got tips for those? Hit reply to this newsletter and let us know!

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Taking stock. As the 4th annual LatAm tech conference eMerge Americas kicks off today, the Miami Herald gives an assessment of our startup scene. The 305 has had a lot of big moments in the last couple years – becoming No. 1 in the county for coworking space and startup activity, the acquisition of local company Chewy, and, of course, making Amazon’s finalist list. Plus, according to the Herald, we’ve finally reached a level of stability. But getting local funding remains a big struggle and it seems like a big question mark where leaders want to steer the startup community from here. (P.S. Yes, Pitbull is speaking at eMerge again. This year, he’s joined by a robot.)

No mail, but you can get a $5,000 purse… If you live in the 33137 zip code – neighborhoods like Buena Vista and Morningside – life’s about to get a little inconvenient. Your post office is about to close because it’s being replaced by yet another swanky Design District store, and it’s TBD where it will reopen. In the meantime, it’s moving into the downtown post office. (Miami Herald)

💯The women’s homeless shelter Lotus House unveiled it’s state-of-the-art building last week, which has everything from a children’s therapy center to a yoga studio to a kitchen where women can train for jobs in the food industry. The Lotus Village, as they’re calling it, could end up totally transforming the way people across the U.S. think about helping the homeless. (Miami Herald)

Thirsty. SoFlo residents want Amazon a whole lot more than locals in almost all the other finalist cities, according to a recent poll of locals in all those cities. Forty-five percent of us “strongly support” building HQ2 here, and only 2 percent said they oppose it. A whopping 62 percent of locals said they would peep Amazon’s job opportunities if the company chose Miami and apparently we’re also cool with traffic getting worse if it does. (SFBJ)

Depends on who you ask. A panel of sea level rise and resiliency experts toured Miami Beach last week and said that the city is doing alright in its quest to stay above rising water levels. But the strategy of pumps and raising roads won’t be enough, the experts said – they also recommended building natural infrastructure, like parks that will soak up flood water and more mangroves that will break up the impact of waves. Tell all this to the housing market, though – worries about sea level rise are already beginning to knock down single family home prices on Miami Beach. (Miami Herald, The Real Deal)

Get outta here. Motorboaters love the calm waters off of Key Biscayne because they’re great for racing. Key Biscayne residents? Not so much. This weekend the Grand Prix was back at the Miami Marine Stadium for the first time in decades, and the Village of Key Biscayne is not pleased. Locals are ready to fight the move, saying it puts the environment and locals at risk. Plus, those speedboats are really, really loud. (Miami New Times)

Knows the zoning code. Cafecito game needs work. If you’ve got thoughts on that City of Miami employees who helped you out the other day, you’re in luck – there’s now a website where you can review the city’s employees and departments. This of it as kind of like Yelp, for municipal government. That’s thanks to the startup CityGrader, which is rolling out this service all over the U.S. It doesn’t need a city’s permission to launch, obvi, but City of Miami is into it and is vowing to help. (Miami Herald)

Things to do

Check out this event from our advertiser, Capital One Cafe.

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MONDAY, 4/23

🎳 Casual sporting meets poetry at Bowlingleggers (O, Miami / Westchester)

🤓 Get your trivia on (Little Havana)


💭 Discuss: Is our tech boom growing our income divide? (South Beach)

Sip on coffee and talk futbol and art at PAMM (Downtown)

👶 Tour PAMM with your little one (Downtown)
🤣 Laugh it up at Concrete Beach Brewery’s comedy night (Wynwood)


💪 Discuss: How can we make Miami a hub of changemakers? (Wynwood)

📽 Catch a flick from the OUTShine Film Festival (Option 1, Option 2) (South Beach)


💔 Join a live recording of Foggy Windows, a podcast of love and sappy R&B (O, Miami / Little Haiti)

🎸 Jam with the Spam All-Stars at the Bandshell (North Beach)
🎷Catch the John Coltrane documentary at the Historic Hampton House (Brownsville)

🎷Get your sax fix at the Miami Downtown Jazz Festival (Various locations) Through Saturday


🕺Travel the world through dance (Downtown)

🍺 Listen to some Irish poets and taste some brews (O, Miami / South Beach)

💃🏻 Dance the night away with Los Van Van (Little Havana)


If Monday’s got you down, we recommend dreaming of a vacation at one of these ✨unique ✨rentals in Florida. They’re all Insta gold – especially that A-frame cabin. 😍

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