🚘This parking garage is so extra.
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🚘This parking garage is so extra.

Scene from an actual cooking class found on Skillied (that's the co-founder, Marcella McCarthy, on the left)


Day of Thrones, our epic annual field day with O, Miami Poetry Festival, has been rescheduled for April 28 – and this time, we’re not going to get tricked by the weatherman. It’s go time. 

Come on out this Saturday with your game face on for tug of war, poetry sack races, and dance offs, among other things. Got questions? Find all the details here.

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We’ve got a wellness tip for ya from Bradley Strickland, another brave Miamian taking on our wellness challenge.

Bradley’s been working with coach Erinne Guthrie of Full Circle Coaching, a triathlon coaching company, to learn to swim and get more comfortable in the water.

One thing he’s learned so far? Improving at swimming and any other cardio exercise, like running, requires discipline about proper form. Here are some examples:

» When swimming: Kick from the hips and keep your legs straight. Reach and almost pull the water back with your arms. Try to bend your elbow with each pull.

» When running: Get your foot placement right. Try to land on the middle of your foot with each stride and avoid hitting the ground too hard or putting too much pressure on your heel. This will help you avoid injury and ruining your workout routine.

We’ll continue to share out tips and advice from our challengers each week so stay tuned.

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Because Miami. The new Museum Garage in the Design District, which officially opens today, is 🔥. Seriously, take a look. (SFBJ)

Overtime. Wednesday is supposed to be an important public hearing on whether to extend the 836 (aka Dolphin Expressway) 15 miles west. Supporters say it will give some much-needed relief to Kendall residents who sit in excruciating traffic every day. Opponents say it would make traffic worse in the long run by encouraging more people to move west. Plus, it would require extending the Urban Development Boundary, the point past which no major development can occur, potentially endangering South Florida’s fragile wetlands. But yesterday Mayor Carlos Gimenez proposed delaying the public hearing until June. That could mean more time for both sides to make their case, or enough time for the issue to lose steam. Stay tuned. (Miami Herald, Doug Hanks via Twitter)

Define “cozy.” As housing prices in the 305 rise and rise and rise, developers are exploring the idea of micro-units – tiny apartments in buildings and neighborhoods with so many amenities that you won’t mind basically living in a walk-in closet. Their target: people who want to live in popular neighborhoods but can’t afford the rent there. There are plenty of those folks around. But affordable housing advocates are critical of the projects, saying they do nothing to help with the housing crisis since these spots, although cheaper, are definitely not a reasonable size for a family. (Miami Herald)

Lessons learned. Locals community groups are working on hurricane preparedness plans that are specifically focused on the needs of low-income residents after storms, like ice delivery for elderly residents and lunches for kids who usually get free school lunch. The move is a reaction to the post-Irma crisis in which thousands of Miamians struggled to feed and take care of their families while schools, offices, and public transit remained closed. The groups will be hosting meetings all over SoFlo for the next two weeks to hear from community members. (WLRN)

We here for this. Mainstream use of autonomous vehicles may seem a long way off to most of us, but developers in SoFlo are already preparing for a driverless future. They see a ton of opportunity in the decreased need for parking, like turning surface lots into parks and street-side parking into larger bike lanes. Sounds pretty sweet to us. (The Real Deal)

Going rogue. The deadline to resign from local and state elected office in order to run for Congress came and went on Friday… and Miami Beach Commissioner Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez stayed put. While City of Miami Commissioner Ken Russell and State Sen. José Javier Rodríguez both dropped out of the race to fill Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s seat in order to keep their current offices, Rosen-Gonzalez sued. It’s TBD what happens to her and her commission seat now that the deadline has passed with no ruling on her case. (Miami Herald)

Kick off the weekend with a FREE MISO concert in the Design District’s Palm Court on Friday, April 27 at 6 p.m. Learn More ».
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Things to do

Check out this event from our advertiser, Capital One Cafe.

Capital One's Financial Superpower Experience Visit your local @CapitalOneCafe on #NationalSuperheroDay to check out the new interactive comic experience to reveal your #FinancialSuperpower.



💭 Discuss: Is our tech boom growing our income divide? (South Beach)

Sip on coffee and talk futbol and art at PAMM (Downtown)

👶 Tour PAMM with your little one (Downtown)
🤣 Laugh it up at Concrete Beach Brewery’s comedy night (Wynwood)


💪 Discuss: How can we make Miami a hub of changemakers? (Wynwood)

📽 Catch a flick from the OUTShine Film Festival (Option 1, Option 2) (South Beach)

🥟 Learn No Name Chinese’s kitchen secrets (Wynwood)


💔 Join a live recording of Foggy Windows, a podcast about love and sappy R&B (O, Miami / Little Haiti)

🎸 Jam with the Spam All-Stars at the Bandshell (North Beach)
🎷Catch the John Coltrane documentary at the Historic Hampton House (Brownsville)

🎷Get your sax fix at the Miami Downtown Jazz Festival (Various locations) Through Saturday


🕺Travel the world through dance (Downtown)

🍺 Listen to some Irish poets and taste some brews (O, Miami / South Beach)

💃🏻 Dance the night away with Los Van Van (Little Havana)


🛍 The Renegade Craft Fair comes to town (Wynwood)

🔍 Help Miami compete to count the most species (Virginia Key)

🎼 Local student musicians join the New World Symphony on stage (+ WALLCAST!) (South Beach)

🤣 Laugh it up with “A Very Funny History of Coconut Grove” (Coconut Grove, 10% off if you use this link)

🔥 Experience Burning Man without spending $3,000 (Key Biscayne)

Watch the Vice City Rollers demolish the Gold Coast Derby Grrrls (Wynwood)

💓 O, Miami revives an ancient poetic art form for the Tinder generation (Upper East Side)

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🤞that the Heat can pull off the win in Philly tonight.


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