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🍦Raspberry wasabi, platanos maduros, and Sunday Morning Hangover


We’ve reached the finale of our profiles of exotic fruits and we’re closing out with a weird-looking one that Miamians know well: mamey.

Forbes once called it Miami’s best kept secret and we agree. Once you open it up and take out that big black shell in the middle, it’s pretty tasty. Some say it tastes like a sweet potato, others say it’s kinda like a carrot cake or a pumpkin pie.

It’s packed with vitamins B and C and can be enjoyed in plenty of delicious ways. Here’s the scoop on the mamey:

WHERE’D IT COME FROM? Mamey sapote originated in Cuba, the Caribbean, Central America and parts of Mexico and has become a pretty common fixture at fruit stands all over the 305.

SO HOW SHOULD I EAT THIS THING? Mamey is super popular in batidos, Cuban-style milkshakes. You can follow this recipe from the Three Guys from Miami if you wanna make one. Mamey is also great in ice cream or you can just cut the fruit open, and scoop it out with a spoon.

Sliced mamey is also good for making pies and tarts and the fruit is often made into preserves and jellies.

WHAT IF I’M FEELING REALLY ADVENTUROUS? Tap into the Mexican history of the fruit and make tejate. The so-called “drink of the gods” dates back to the ancient Aztecs and Oaxacan culture and peeling off the mamey’s black pit to get to the seed and then toasting and grounding it into a paste.

You can read all about tejate’s history here. Here’s a recipe if you’re up for trying to making the drink.

SOME OTHER FUN FACTS: Fairchild Botanical Garden had one of the largest trees in Florida at one point and the fruit has been in SoFlo since the mid-1800s. 😮The fruit likely made its way here from the Bahamas and over the years seeds have sprouted  from Homestead up to Palm Beach.

Got other suggestions for how to enjoy mamey? Tell us your ideas in the comments on our video.

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Sketchy. Top county officials took a field trip to China and Japan last month to study their transit systems and infrastructure. Totally normal. What isn’t normal is that most of those officials wiped the phones they borrowed for the trip before they returned them. The county says the deletions, which were a mistake, were an effort to protect the county computer system from Chinese hackers. Why does it matter? The government officials had a few seat buddies on this trip – a bunch of lobbyists, developers, and county vendors – and now, no public record of what they might have talked about. (Miami Herald)

Not your neighborhood ice cream truck. Forget cookies ‘n’ cream. How about Five Spice Pork, raspberry wasabi, Sunday Morning Hangover, platano maduros, or lavender orange? Thanks to the explosion of artisan ice cream shops across Miami, you can have all of these. Here’s where. (Miami New Times)

Gridlock, as usual. Traffic haters, transit lovers, and Miami’s most beleaguered commuters will have to wait a bit longer for a contentious decision on the westward expansion of the 836 – the vote has been postponed to June 20. If the commission approves the plan, the county will send the state a proposal to extend the highway past the urban development boundary, the line past which no development to the southwest is supposed to occur. Critics say the plan will lead to more urban sprawl and make traffic woes worse, but Mayor Carlos Gimenez and supporters say they need more than one way to get to work, especially when many of their morning commutes now take more than 90 minutes. (Doug Hanks via Twitter)

Speaking of transit… it’s a good day to give it a try. The annual Miami Corporate Run is going down in downtown today, which means getting home in a car may be a real drag when you’re facing off against more than 28,000 runners. Road closures begin at 2 p.m. and run through 11 p.m. Chances are you know someone in the race to cheer on – maybe even some lawyer pals who can get you into that “Coachella” tent. (Miami Herald)

Rainy days and Zika always get me down. Miami Beach officials are looking into some new insurance to hedge their bets against unpredictable blows to tourism revenue like hurricanes, gross mosquitos and their gross diseases, and, um, Latin American economies. Resort taxes make up about 10 percent of the city’s operating budget, and problems like these can really mess with that. (Miami Herald)  

Get this guy a cape. Earlier this month, a gay couple was attacked on South Beach after the annual Miami Beach Pride Parade – a shocking event in a city known for being pretty supportive of LGBT visitors and residents. Helmut Muller Estrada, a total stranger to the couple, intervened, but he ended up unconscious on the ground, bleeding from the head. The four men turned themselves in that week and yesterday, Miami Beach awarded Muller Estrada with a city medallion for being a hero. (Miami Herald)

In the hot seat. Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie has been thrust onto a national stage in the wake of the Parkland shooting. In the beginning, everyone was impressed with his leadership and his support for the #NeverAgain movement. But now he’s under fire from parents and gun rights activists who say some of his big initiatives – like keeping kids in school who commit “low-level” crimes instead of suspending, expelling or jailing them – are the reason why the Parkland students weren’t safe. You can be sure other Florida superintendents are watching how this goes down. (Miami New Times)

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If you spot a manatee that looks like it’s struggling, take a second look before you call wildlife officials to help ‘em out – they might just be getting busy.


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