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😮The biggest mall in America is coming to Miami


How’s your posture right now? Did you just straighten up a little bit?

That’s what Cecelia Smith, one of our wellness challengers, has been working on with Adrian Simo of Simo Massage Therapy. Cecelia works long hours at the office and has been learning different stretching techniques. Here are some tips she’s learned so far:

  • Do shorter individual stretches instead of long ones. For example: Stretch your neck 10 times for about 3 seconds instead of one 30-second stretch.
  • If you have pain in a certain area don’t just stretch or massage the area that hurts. In Cecelia’s case: “I have pain in my back, but instead of stretching/massaging that specific area, it can help to focus on the muscles around it (core, shoulders, etc.).”
  • Remember that everything is connected: “Don’t think that your back pain isn’t related to your foot pain or that knot in your shoulder isn’t related to your seated posture.”

Keep this advice in mind as you head to the office today and stay tuned for more tips from our wellness challengers!

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It’s official. Miami-Dade will someday be home to the largest mall in the U.S. – on Thursday, the county commission approved the construction of American Dream Miami, a $4 billion project that’s half-mall, half-theme park. But Miami-Dade residents aren’t exactly celebrating. The project faced a ton of opposition from nearby residents, who are worried the massive project will bring a traffic apocalypse to their backyard (it’s projected to attract 70,000 visitors a day). Plus, environmentalists aren’t happy about how close the mall will be to the Urban Development Boundary and therefore the Everglades. (WLRN)

All aboard! Brightline is officially launching in Miami TOMORROW, and it’s celebrating with a weekend-long party at the new MiamiCentral station. Meanwhile, Lyft has inked a deal to be Brightline’s official ridesharing company. This is what that means for riders: the Brightline stations will be designated pickup and drop-off zones for Lyft (which means faster, more efficient pickups), and Brightline will have a lounge where you can wait for your rideshare in style and comfort. (Curbed)

No rain on this parade. After almost getting rocked by hurricanes twice in the last two years, III Points Festival is officially moving its annual event from the early fall to February, far, far away from hurricane season. Organizers promise it will still be awesome. (Miami New Times)

A new twist. Last year, with #MeToo ricocheting across the Internet, Miami Beach Commissioner Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez accused Miami Beach commission candidate Rafael Velasquez of exposing himself to her in a car. Two more women accused Velasquez of inappropriate behavior soon after, essentially ending his campaign. Now Velasquez is suing Rosen-Gonzalez for defamation, saying she made the whole thing up. Police looked into it but couldn’t find proof that Rosen-Gonzalez lied or that Velasquez did what she accused him of. (Miami Herald)

Looking back at Back to Blood. Legendary journalist and author Tom Wolfe, who passed away earlier this week, immortalized the 305 of the early 2000s in his final book, Back to Blood, which feels pretty dang true to the city we all love and love to hate on. That has a lot to do with the research he did with former Miami Herald reporter Oscar Corral, who showed him all of Miami’s nooks and crannies. Corral’s reflection on Wolfe is a pretty entertaining glimpse into the life of the man who captured Miami’s spirit. (Miami Herald)

Abort mission. Amid rising seas, it seems pretty obvious to support raising roads on Miami Beach. But not in a ritzy neighborhood just north of Sunset Harbor, along North Bay Road. The area was scheduled to be the next stop on the city’s street raising efforts, but residents fought it so hard that the city gave up and agreed to ditch the plan. Some residents say that their streets don’t flood (LOL) and others say that raising the roads will just push that water into their homes instead. (Miami Herald)

Safety first. If you have a friend with a motorboat, you know that it’s one of our city’s favorite pastimes. But it’s also a lot more dangerous than it seems, especially in the summer, when crazy weather can pop up out of nowhere and extra heavy boat traffic ups the chances of collisions. To help make those #boatdays safer, Miami-Dade Parks and Rec is encouraging boaters to sign up for text message safety alerts during National Boat Safety Week, which starts Saturday. (Curbed)


But remember, if you live in District 5, this weekend is your last chance to vote early, because there is no voting on Monday. Our voter guide has the details on the candidates and where to go to get your vote on this weekend, so you’ve got no excuse for waiting until Election Day.

Have a great weekend, friends. 😎

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