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Kendall, we’re going to be paying your new brewery, @spanishmarie, a visit sometime soon. (📷 @miamibrewscene)


Do you try your best to pack a snack for a long work day? If so, this week’s wellness tip is for you.

April Dobbins, one of our wellness challengers, has been working to adjust her diet and daily habits with dietitian Susan Nowrouzi from Baptist Health South Florida. After getting her meal prep plan down, she’s now learning to mix in a few small snacks throughout the day. Here are her tips:

  • Eat small and do it often. Snack on a few things throughout the work day so you’re not starving.
  • Keep those snacks light. And mix them in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you’re not starving by time you run out to grab lunch or when you get home from work.
  • Try snacks like almonds, nuts, or apples. April said they’ve helped keep her metabolism high and her diet goals on track.

So make some time to pack a few snacks before heading out to work this morning. They just might keep you from overloading on pizza for dinner tonight 😉. Check back next week for more tips from our wellness challengers!


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It ain’t over ’til it’s over. Yesterday’s Miami-Dade County District 5 special election is headed to a runoff. Newcomer Eileen Higgins led the race with almost 35 percent of the vote, but establishment candidate Zoraida Barreiro (whose husband held the seat most recently) was just behind her, at 33 percent. It’s being celebrated as a major victory for Democrats, although voter turnout was less than 13 percent. Lucky for voters, they have a chance to do better in the June 19 runoff. Read up on the remaining candidates in our guide. (Miami Herald)

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… a storm system in the Gulf of Mexico has a good chance of becoming a tropical storm a solid week before hurricane season officially starts. And even if that doesn’t happen, it looks like it’s going to be a very wet Memorial Day Weekend. Plus, a new study from NOAA says that hurricanes are going to become stronger, wetter, and slower as a result of climate change. What that looks like: more Harvey-esque hurricanes that park on top of one spot and dump a whole lot of rain. Oof. (Miami Herald, Miami New Times)

#Thirsty. No one can deny that the North Bay Village government is a hot mess. Apparently Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola thinks it’s so bad that North Bay Village should just give up entirely and let Miami Beach annex it. Unsurprisingly, the mayor there isn’t psyched about the idea. (Miami New Times)

Just a group of regular Indiana Joneses. The South Florida Water Management District’s snake hunters hit a major milestone this week: 1,000 Burmese pythons caught and captured. The invasive species, which can grow to more than 10 feet long, has no known predator in the Everglades and has been wreaking havoc by eating most of the small mammals found in the area. Officials have been trying for years to bring the population under control and it looks like these managed hunts might finally be doing the trick. (Miami Herald)

Prayers answered. Just a couple weeks ago we were talking in our office about what a bummer it was that Downtown lacks a nice, chill brewery à la Wynwood. So we’re pretty stoked to hear that Biscayne Bay Brewing is coming to the old U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Building on N.E. 1st Avenue. Cheers! (The Next Miami)

Trouble ahead. Local sea level rise experts warn that the federal government might soon start taking sea level rise into account when it sets insurance rates for the National Flood Insurance Program (is it just us, or is it kind of shocking that the government doesn’t do that already?). When the change kicks in, rates will likely skyrocket. Experts are now scrambling to come up with ways to cushion the financial blow, not just for residents, but for developers and real estate investors who are the backbone of the economy. (WLRN)

R.I.P. FIU student Alexa Duran was one of six people killed when FIU’s pedestrian bridge collapsed in March, but her iPhone survived. Now her parents are trying to get access to the photos and messages stored on the phone to help preserve their daughter’s memory. But they don’t know her password, and Apple says it can’t unlock an iPhone without a court order. While her parents wait for that, they’re storing her phone under her pillow for safe keeping.. (Miami Herald)

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And no, contrary to the emergency alerts coming out of Lake Worth, the zombies aren’t coming for South Florida. So get out there and own the day.

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