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When it comes to keeping up with fitness goals and daily routines, the toughest part can often be mustering up the energy to even get out there.

That’s been the case for Bradley Strickland, one of our wellness challengers, who has been working to become a stronger swimmer as he pursues a career in marine biology. Bradley’s been working with Erinne Guthrie from Full Circle Coaching, a triathlon coaching company, to boost his swimming technique.

When it comes to sticking to his routine he offered a few suggestions:

  • Start your routine and don’t overthink it. Bradley said it’s important to remember technique but to not let it keep you from getting going into your exercise.
  • Put your workout gear near your front door. He says it’s helped him stay on track even when he doesn’t want to exercise. “If I put on my workout clothes, set my gear by the door, or walk down to the pool, everything else follows.”
  • Remember your goals. Bradley admitted that this one’s pretty straightforward but has helped him stay motivated as he works on his swimming technique: “I still need to work on keeping high elbows and focusing on my entry. But my kick looks good and I’m very streamlined. It’s major improvement from when I started.”

So if you’re reading this, and have some time to get in a quick jog before work, hopefully you’re motivated to go for it! If not, you can at least set your gear up for tomorrow morning 😎We’ll continue sharing updates on our wellness challengers, so keep your eyes open next week for the latest.

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Pushed aside. One of the largest waves of evictions of Haitian businesses in Miami is going down right now at NE 82nd Street and 2nd Avenue. The developer who owns the strip of shops on either side of the street – plus nearby coworking space The Citadel – gave the tenants 30 days to pack up and go. And he told the small businesses – neighborhood stalwarts like bridal shops and travel agencies – that when he’s done rehabbing the buildings, they probably won’t be able to afford the rent. Meanwhile, about 30 blocks south in the heart of Little Haiti, the haunted building that used to house the Cuban consulate in Miami (and is now home to a never-open art gallery) just sold for a stunning $4.5 million – a sign of the gentrification that has prompted scores of evictions there, too. (PRI, Miami New Times)

That’s reassuring. It’s officially hurricane season on June 1, and the fate of Floridians now rests in the hands of a 30-year-old with only two years of emergency management experience. Wes Maul, a law school grad, became the head of Florida’s emergency management agency shortly after Hurricane Irma, after only about a year and a half in the agency. *wrings hands* (Miami Herald)

Now make nice. After Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava’s husband, a bike commuter, was hit by a car, she vowed to do something to make South Florida’s roads safer for cyclists. But in a county where most drivers resent sharing the road, that’s way easier said than done. Her first step: figuring out a way for cyclists and drivers to make nice and actually talk to each other. (Miami Herald)

Just like us. Cubans trying to visit the U.S. are now facing the same hurdles that potential U.S. tourists in other countries often face: a dizzying bureaucratic maze and far-away U.S. consulates. Many five-year U.S. tourist visas issued in 2015, as bilateral relations were established, are about to expire and there’s no longer enough consular staff in Havana to process new ones because most were evacuated after last year’s sonic attacks. (Miami Herald)

Mildly underestimating. According to the Puerto Rican government’s official count, 64 people died as a result of Hurricane Maria, which pummeled the U.S. island territory last year. But a new Harvard study published Tuesday says that estimate is way off – that study estimates that 4,645 deaths can be connected to the hurricane and its aftermath. Researchers say that Puerto Rico’s method for counting the dead is not just inaccurate – it’s actually hurting the island’s efforts to be prepared for future storms. (Washington Post)

Before there was “millennial pink,” there was this. Miami in the 1980s was a rough place. It was in the grips of the Cocaine Cowboys era, white flight had decimated downtown, and crime was rampant. In the middle of all that, a Bulgarian artist came to Miami and asked to wrap the spoil islands in Biscayne Bay in hot pink (yes, really). The county said yes, and the art installation became an international sensation that many credit with turning Miami around at a pretty bleak time. This month is the 35th anniversary of that wild experiment. (Miami Herald)

Journalism matters. A theater in Little Havana showed a play for months in which one of the main characters performs in blackface, and apparently no one ever saw anything wrong with it (spoiler: there is a lot wrong with it). But then El Nuevo Herald wrote a story about it, thrusting the issue into the spotlight and igniting a debate about racism within the Latino community here. Less than a week later, the theater nixed the blackface and announced it would host a conference on theater history and cultural sensitivity – and it’s being led by the founder of the Afro Latino Heritage Excellent Summit. We’re here for that. (Miami Herald)

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But for those of you who want to know more about the massive American Dream Miami mall planned for Miami-Dade – which is a very bad idea, according to Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava – we’ve got a little extra reading for you. This 2016 Bloomberg story dives into  the same company’s American Dream mall project in New Jersey and the man behind these behemoths.

Thanks to reader Michelle Lopez for tipping us off to this super informative read.

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