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Another work week calls for a colada. Stat. (📸: @mrmiamimarvin)


For years Downtown was frozen in time as a place for the 9-to-5 crowd of lawyers, lobbyists and local government officials. But that’s changing.

Record numbers of people are coming to actually live in downtown – the population in Brickell and the central business district, has jumped from about 17,800 in 2000 to about 55,000 this year – and those folks are prompting the opening of a whole bunch of new spots where they can spend their time and dollars. 

That means that our Downtown neighborhood guide, published a couple years ago, is in need of an update. It’s packed with plenty of info on places to eat, drink and explore. Plus it’s got info on historic sites and people to know. But we know there are new hangs to check out and new movers and shakers and issues that ought to be highlighted.

That’s where you come in. Take a look at the guide, and let us know what we’re missing through this form. We’ll get it updated with your recs by the end of the month.


United Way’s Inspire305 has selected seven local, innovative nonprofits to compete for either $10,000 or $25,000 to scale their work to make Miami a better city – and YOU get to help decide who takes home the money by voting. Head here to watch videos about their work and cast your vote for the nonprofit you think will transform this city. You can vote once a day through June 20.

The Miami Bayside Foundation is offering a free workshop June 23 and 24 on how to make business accounting less of a nightmare. If you’re a local small business, then this is for you. Find more information on that here.

Got an opportunity, workshop, scholarship, grant, etc. you want other curious locals to know about? Hit us up at [email protected] to have it listed here.

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2 days left to become inspired
Get to know the Inspire305 finalists as they share their impactful vision for Miami. Vote today!


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Brace yourself. Come the November midterm election, we’ll be looking at the longest list of state constitutional amendments on our ballot since 1998. That’s because the Constitutional Review Commission convened this year and proposed 13 amendments. Here’s a breakdown of all of them, including restoring voting rights to felons and banning offshore drilling. (Miami Herald)

While we’re talking elections. The Sun Sentinel breaks down how changing demographics in the Sunshine State could factor into the November elections. Florida, a key swing state, has seen a consistent increase in voters registered as independents. And among those independent voters, 58 percent are younger than 50. TBD which way those indy voters will swing. (Sun Sentinel)

Making less than $50k? Good luck. According to a report from the National Low-Income Housing Coalition, it takes a salary of about $48,000 to rent a two-bedroom home in Miami. Thinking of heading north? It’s not much better. The same report says that Fort Lauderdale homes are actually a little pricier. Happy house hunting, friends. (Miami New Times, National Low-Income Housing Coalition)

“We move forward, wherever.” Despite an acute economic crisis that has left much of Venezuela starving and unable to get even the most basic necessities, the U.S. has continued to reject calls for a temporary pause on deportations of Venezuelans who are illegally in the U.S. That means that Venezuelans like Milagros Yanes, an immigrant who came here as a child and went on to get a university degree here, are now facing deportation back to their home country – and the hunger and poverty that are virtually inescapable there today. (Miami Herald)

Eyes on “environmental injustice.” No one will argue with the fact that the neighborhood a child grows up in shapes who they become. That’s why Liberty City resident Samuel Latimore wants to see his neighborhood’s trash-strewn streets cleaned up. “To see all that negative stuff over a period of time – it makes [children] emotionally numb,” he says.  “And we talk about the pipeline from school to prison. Maybe we can disrupt that by ensuring that our communities are perceived to be safe and healthy.” If local officials want to address the gun violence plaguing Liberty City, Latimore argues, maybe they ought to start with giving kids a neighborhood they’re proud to live in. (WLRN)

What’s in a name? Miami-Dade has a bunch of cities with rich histories, beautiful landscapes…and kinda random mottos and slogans. So Miami.com brainstormed some  alternative mottos for a bunch of cities across the county. Their suggestion for the City of Miami? “The Enchanted Tax Shelter” 😂(Miami.com)

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Pick Your Poison
Science, folklore, & history collide at Frost Science’s new exhibition The Power of Poison. Catch the #ToxinTakeoverMiami open now through Sept. 3rd.


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Multiple dates through 7/15: World Cup viewing at Charcoal beer garden + tapas pop-up (Wynwood)

🎶 Thursday: Jam all over the 305 on Make Music Day (South Beach)

🕉 Thursday: Get zen at New World on International Yoga Day (South Beach)

🖼 Tuesday, June 26: Enjoy some food, drink and music while bidding on art (Miami Beach)

📽Friday, June 29: Check out a vintage Japanese gangster film at O Cinema (Wynwood)

🔬Saturday, June 30: Have some summer fun with the kiddos at the Yard (Wynwood)

🗣Saturday, June 30: Hear from legendary poets at the Maroon Poetry Festival (Liberty City)


🍻Celebrate the life of bartender John Lermayer (Miami Beach)

🍽 Take a detour to Portland at this farm-to-table dinner (Downtown)


♨ Celebrate Juneteenth with a BBQ (Overtown)

👨‍💻 Talk entrepreneurship and innovation with the Beacon Council (Coral Gables)

🎵 Listen to Talib Kweli spin at Wood Tavern (Wynwood)

🕰 Have a fireside chat with the founder of Plum (Wynwood)


🍷 Celebrate eight years of Words and Wine (Allapattah)

📗 Hear Ben Rhodes’s take on working in the Obama White House (Coral Gables)


👠 Turn up for a viewing of RuPaul’s Drag Race, hosted by Queef Latina (Wynwood)

🙏 Celebrate International Yoga Day on Palm Court (Design District)

🎤 Jahzel Dotel takes over PAMM Third Thursdays (Downtown)

🎭 America’s Short Play Festival comes to town – through Sunday (Downtown)


🍄 Check out a psychedelic audio/visual indoor festival – through Saturday (Downtown)

🎷 Catch some jazz at Ball and Chain (Little Havana)

👞 “Won’t you be my Neighbor?” premieres (Coral Gables)

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Yogis Rejoice
Come celebrate National Yoga Day on June 21 at New World Symphony. Tickets get you access to the 1 hour class & marketplace.


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But don’t forget: tomorrow is Election Day for District 5 residents.  Check out our voter guide again for info on the two candidates and remember to double check here for polling locations. Then, go #votelikeyoulivehere.

– The New Tropic

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