🤯Giving new meaning to “ride or die”

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🤯Giving new meaning to “ride or die”

Morning swim game on point.


It’s been a long road for the participants in our wellness challenge. They’ve felt doubt, struggled to fit their fitness plans into crazy schedules and wondered if they could really hit their goals.

But through it all, they stuck with it. So we asked them what they learned from the process and what lessons they’ll take with them beyond the challenge.

Thanks again to our brave Miamians April, Cecelia, Valerie, Kara, Chris and Bradley! Here are some of their thoughts:

Bradley Strickland (Wellness goal: To improve his overall wellness, his swimming ability, and to get more comfortable in the water.)

“I can demonstrate proper swim technique and I now feel efficient and comfortable in the water. I also have an improved running form and am much faster. Throughout the process, Erinne taught me about general nutrition and helped me learn how to train and pace. The knowledge of how to train, eat, swim, and run correctly is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I plan to keep doing these things to improve my overall health and wellness for as long as I can.”

April Dobbins (Wellness goal: To move more and exercise, and to eat better)

“Mostly, I learned that getting healthier is just a series of small decisions. You try to make better decisions little by little. If you do that, you see progress.”

“I am in the gym regularly and feel much better than I did before. And  I finally crossed over into the weightlifting section, which has intimidated me for years. I can say that I’m finally comfortable in the gym, and that I actually look forward to it.”

Cecelia Smith (Wellness goal: To improve posture and overall mental and physical wellness)

“As I’ve shared before, my goal is a forever thing. I certainly have less instances of discomfort and pain while working at my desk, so in that regard, yes! I also feel more well-equipped to overcome periods where I may have more issues because I’m not doing my exercises as much or am more stressed and feeling the effects. I will continue working on my goal FOREVER!!”

You can find all their updates and tips here. And we want to give another shout out to all the experts who worked with our participants: Adrian Simo of Simo Massage Therapy, Susan Nowrouzi with Baptist Health, Michael Vouvounas with Barbell Society, Erinne Guthrie with Full Circle Coaching and Sujal Patel with Skylight Yoga.

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To be continued. We’ve heard a lot about the Miami Gardens “tender age” shelter His House, which has hosted at least a few undocumented immigrant children recently separated from their parents at the border. Today, take a look at the Cutler Bay shelter run by the Archdiocese of Miami, which first opened to help Cuban children who came to the U.S. as part of Operation Pedro Pan. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who toured the facility, says it’s a better place for kids than the big Homestead shelter, but said the situation is still “inhumane, unnecessary, and gut-wrenching.” (Miami Herald)

Watch where you step. Seems like we’re always finding terrifying new things out there in the wilds of South Florida. Today, it’s the “puss caterpillar,” a fuzzy little thing that might be cute if it didn’t make parts of your body go numb when it stings you. Also known as the southern flannel caterpillar, it’s one of the most venomous caterpillars in the U.S. –  and it’s right here in Florida. Thanks to reader Chase Simmering for letting us know about this. Her daughter had a scary encounter with one at a local Target a couple weeks ago, and it’s no joke. (Miami Herald)

We’re all Bryan Norcross now. The National Hurricane Center has a spiffy new website that’ll make it a whole lot easier for us non-meteorologists to understand hurricane forecasts. As the hurricane comes within 24 hours of hitting, you’ll now have way more than the hated cone to assess the impact – you’ll be able to get city and even neighborhood-specific forecasts. (Miami Herald)

Try again. If you were near South Pointe Park on Sunday, you might have noticed a bit of commotion. Police turned out in response to a few members of the gun rights group Florida Carry Inc. showing up and toting guns on the pier while fishing. You can openly carry a gun in Florida if you’re fishing, hunting, or camping, and apparently they considered the bizarre protest an effective argument for allowing open carry in most public places. (Local 10)

We bout to have a party. Political party affiliation isn’t supposed to matter in local races like those for county and city commission – the seats are non-partisan, and no one campaigns on their affiliation. But in the Trump era, the Miami-Dade Democratic Party is not about that – they’re openly recruiting Democrats to run against registered Republicans for county seats. “We want to make sure we’re electing people who share our values,” said party chairman Juan Cuba. “Their choice of which party they align with is a very significant choice that any candidate makes.” But Republican leaders, and even some Democratic leaders, aren’t so happy with injecting party politics into these local races. (Miami Herald)

Make sandbars great again. The Haulover Sandbar is the place to be when it’s boiling outside, so it’s no surprise that a couple of especially driven restaurateurs figured out a way to take their noms to the high seas. Now, meet the husband-and-wife pair behind the schwarma boat. (TimeOut Miami)

Things to do


Multiple dates through 7/15: World Cup Viewing at Charcoal beer garden + tapas pop-up (Wynwood)

🖼 Today: Enjoy some food, drink and music while bidding on art (Miami Beach)

📽Friday: Check out a vintage Japanese gangster film at O Cinema (Wynwood)

🔬Saturday: Have some summer fun with the kiddos at the Yard (Wynwood)

🗣Saturday: Hear from legendary poets at the Maroon Poetry Festival (Liberty City)

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🎨 Discuss how art can help dismantle racial inequality (Allapattah)

🎧 Get down with other recordheads at Terrestrial Funk (Wynwood)


🍳 Experience the future of cooking (Wynwood)

🛶 Paddle under the full moon (Key Biscayne)

🎤 Sample cocktails and opera on Española Way (South Beach)

📽 Catch a screening of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Miami Shores)


🎸Jam at a pop-up barbecue (Brickell)

🍷 Learn all about vino on this wine walk (Coral Gables)

🧘 Meditate at Vizcaya (Coconut Grove)

🎹 Dance it out with Afrobeta (Wynwood)

💉 Donate blood with the Miami tech community (Brickell)


👞 Mr. Rogers documentary opens (Wynwood)

🎧 Jam with some of SoFlo’s best beatmakers (Liberty City)

🍺 Pick up trash and pub crawl (Wynwood)

🍹 Party after hours at The Bass (South Beach)

📚 Explore the legacy of slavery at this book talk (Coral Gables)

☕ Talk craft at Creative Mornings, ft. Franklin Sirmans (Design District)


✊ March to keep families together (Downtown)

😋 Celebrate the deliciousness of the lychee at this food festival (Homestead)

🤾Let your inner kid out at adult recess (South Beach)

🤣 The ladies take over Just the Funny (Coral Gables)

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We’ll catch you mañana.

– The New Tropic


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