🚓The true story of the Biscayne Boulevard car police car.

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🚓The true story of the Biscayne Boulevard car police car.

The random police car in its heyday on the side of the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum.
(📸: Courtesy of Jamie Maynard)


So you’re driving down Biscayne Boulevard, taking in the sights (OK, fine, the traffic) when you see it: a car attached to the side of a building.

We can’t tell if it’s meant to be mid-chase or parked, but either way, it’s a totally random thing to be affixed to the Biscayne Medical Plaza (unless they’re trying out a new valet system).

It’s actually not so random. The car is the last trace of the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum, which opened in 1990 and used to be housed in the building. It moved up to Titusville, Florida more than a decade ago, but the car stayed. We talked to the museum’s IT director and kinda historian Jamie Maynard about the building and its unique decoration.

WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM?  The idea came from a guy named Derrick Van Brode, who helped design the building. He saw it as a sort of artistic element and knew it would be eye-catching. He was right.

WHAT ABOUT THE ACTUAL CAR? And what about the actual car? The one that’s on the building now– a Chevy Caprice – isn’t the original. They’ve had to replace the cars over the years because Miami’s torrential rain and heat made them rusty and they started to fall apart. (Fun fact: Jamie told us the OG car was actually donated by the Sweetwater Police Department)

WHY LEAVE IT BEHIND? When the museum decided to relocate to Titusville, across the street from the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, the organization didn’t think the car would draw the same kind of attention as it did here on a busy road like Biscayne Boulevard. Jamie put it best: “There’s no way a police car is gonna compete with a space shuttle.”

OK, SO WHY DID THE NEW OWNERS KEEP IT? No one really knows for sure. When the museum relocated and sold the building, the police car was stripped of its police paint and sirens, but the actual vehicle stayed. We tried to find out why the new owners kept the car, but couldn’t reach anyone. At this point, given how close the building is to the Design District and Wynwood, it could probably just be confused for another art installation. Any of you have a hunch?

BTW: The car’s engine and parts have been totally gutted, so don’t try taking it for a test drive.

Got other questions about random landmarks in Miami? Is there anything else you’ve always wondered about? Nothing’s too random. Hit reply and let us know or email us at [email protected]

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It gets worse. Remember that Biscayne Park police chief who was caught pinning four burglaries on black teenagers to beef up his crime-solving record? He was fired for that, but it turns out that wasn’t all he did. Chief Raimundo Atesiano pressured his staff to pin a lot more unsolved crimes on black people in the city to up the police department’s case clearance rate. (Miami Herald)

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A leap for Magic Leap. Here’s some actual information about the super secretive Magic Leap: they demonstrated their virtual reality Magic Leap One software during a livestream yesterday. We still don’t totally get what it does, but at least now we know it definitely exists. (SFBJ)

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