🍲Eat sopa de pollo. Help Venezuela.

🍲Eat sopa de pollo. Help Venezuela.

Riding into a new week like...


Earlier this month, the UN released a very scary report announcing that the planet was approaching a “crucial warming threshold” of 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit as soon as 2030. They warned of catastrophe around the world, including right here in SoFlo, where we’re already seeing the impact of rising seas.

It’s rough to hear these warnings every few months, not just because of the consequences for SoFlo, but because of how slowly moves to adapt seem to happen at the government level.

The CLEO Institute has a message: step up.

There’s plenty that citizens can do to help prepare South Florida for this future, says Yoca Arditi-Rocha, the executive director.

Ready to do that? Get her tips.

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The largest cloud over Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign has been an ongoing FBI investigation into whether Tallahassee city hall gave special treatment to developers on city projects.

So what’s going on? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • The FBI started investigating the city back in 2015 through two undercover agents who posed as developers and businessmen. In 2017, the agency requested volumes of documentation from the city and the city’s redevelopment agency.
  • Adam Corey, a lobbyist who had been friends with Gillum for many years, is a focus of the investigation. Corey lobbied for some projects that Tallahassee commissioners, including Gillum, eventually approved.
  • Corey introduced Gillum to the agents. Gillum took a trip up to New York where he met up with Corey and the agents for a boat ride (you’ve probably seen the pics).
  • That trip also included seeing “Hamilton.” Gillum’s campaign previously suggested that the tickets came from his brother. But last week Corey’s legal team released info that said they came from one of the FBI agents. The Tampa Bay Times also reported that an agent might’ve paid for thousands of dollars in food at a campaign fundraiser in 2016.
  • The trip to Costa Rica that’s come up in debates and discussions isn’t a part of this FBI investigation. But that trip and the New York trip are part of a state ethics complaint against Gillum.
  • Gillum is still not the true focus of the FBI’s investigation, and no one in Tallahassee’s been charged with a crime. The agency has continued to request documents from the city related to Corey and his businesses, though.
  • And as far as that ethics complaint? It’s probably not going to be decided until after Election Day.

And if you want more info on where Gillum stands on the issues, beyond the investigation, head over to our voter guide.


A frightening Florida connection. Last week federal agents arrested Cesar Sayoc, the man accused of mailing pipe bombs to big deal Democrats, right here in South Florida. Sayoc, who was living in Aventura, has a lengthy arrest record, including arrests for domestic violence and making a bomb threat to FPL. He drove a van around covered in images and memes in support of President Donald Trump and frequently posted and shared right-wing conspiracy theories. (Miami Herald)

Chicken soup for the soul. When folks order sopa de pollo at Obra Kitchen Table they’ll not just be getting a tasty dish but also helping feed the hungry in Venezuela. Famous Venezuelan chef Carlos García arranged for  a portion of the soup sales at his restaurant to the Barriga Llena, Corazon Contento (full belly, happy heart) Foundation. García said each purchase feeds hundreds of children, teachers, and seniors at nursing homes in Caracas. (Miami Herald)

Return of the guac. Taquiza was forced to close its South Beach location earlier this year, but we have good news: the beloved taco spot is back. They’ll be opening their doors at 1351 Collins Ave. and have the same menu as the North Beach location. (Miami New Times)

Biscayne Dwyane? Local radio host Brendan Tobin and fans are fighting to name a stretch of Biscayne Boulevard near the AmericanAirlines Arena after Miami Heat icon Dwyane Wade, but it’s not as simple as a few tweets. It’s complicated because Wade is still alive, and because Biscayne Boulevard is a state road. Even though the City of Miami and the county manage the street, they’d have to get state approval to rename even a portion of the road. And on the local level, it takes some extra work to name a street after a living person. (Miami Herald)


We don’t usually do a ton of horse race political news. But the election coming up on Nov. 6 is kind of a big deal, so from now until then, we’re going to have a special election section in your daily newsletter. Wonk out, friends.

  • After asking President Donald Trump to actually mention his name in tweets, Andrew Gillum took aim at his gubernatorial opponent , pointing out that  Ron DeSantis won’t refer to him as “Mr. Mayor” or even “Mr. Gillum.” He calls him Andrew instead. Supporters say it’s a way to disrespect Gillum and “to keep him, a black man, in his place, in a coded way.” (WLRN)
  • Gov. Rick Scott has struggled to figure out how much to campaign with President Trump, because of his divisive standing in immigrant-heavy Florida. But he seems to have decided that it helps more than it hurts: He’s planning to appear alongside Trump when he comes to Florida this week. (Politico)
  • And speaking of the campaign trail, Ron DeSantis has picked up local support from two Miami-Dade mayors. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez and Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernández both appeared with him at a campaign stop in Hialeah last week. (CBS Miami)


We’ll catch y’all tomorrow, Miami. ✌️

– The New Tropic

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