🧙These women put the magic in Magic City

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🧙These women put the magic in Magic City


Whether it’s tons of text messages, the endless TV ads, or wall-to-wall coverage it’s clear the Nov. 6 election is a huge deal.

We ran through a lot of the big issues in our voter guide including topics like the environment, healthcare, and gun control but those are the familiar subjects and talking points. What we want to know is what exactly is motivating you to vote?

So head over to the comments section of this Instagram post and let us know what people, events, ideas or issues are  getting you to the polls.

We’ll to share out your responses on Election Day next week to inspire or provoke other Miamians to cast their ballots. And a quick reminder, today’s the deadline to request a mail-in ballot with the elections department. Head here to do that, you’ve got until 5 p.m.

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Happy Halloween! We know sugar can be bad for us, but we needed to know exactly how much Dubble Bubble to consume tonight, so we asked Baptist Health dietitian Carla Duenas, who dropped some much-needed knowledge about sugar along with some tips to help our future, non-Halloween selves break our scary sugar habit.

  • Fat & Unhealthy: Too much sugar causes weight gain, and increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Not cute.
  • Party Rats: The 2014 documentary Fed Up cites a Stanford University study in which 43 cocaine-addicted rats were given the choice of water laced with sugar or cocaine, over a 15-day period. 40 of the 43 chose the sugar. And now we know which 3 rats might love to party too much.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Sugar triggers your brain’s reward center in a way that’s similar to how opioids and other drugs affect your brain. Over time, our brains can build up a tolerance to sugar’s sweet effects, causing cravings.
  • No Value Add: Added sugar results in extra calories without the health benefits you might get from other kinds of calories (though decidedly less fun Halloween treats) like lean proteins, fruits, or veggies.

So what should you do? Duenas says:

  • Check the nutrition facts. You’ll be surprised by how much sugar is added to some foods. Seemingly healthy snacks like yogurts can have as much added sugar as a few of those mini candy bars in your trick-or-treat stash.
  • Read the ingredients for hidden sweeteners. If the ingredient name ends in the suffix “-ose,” it is an added sugar, still unhealthy and still addictive, just rocking a costume.
  • Start slow. Start to wean yourself off of sweets a little at a time to avoid sugar crashes or binges. Your tastebuds will adapt and cravings will decrease.
  • Enjoy responsibly. Remember, it’s ok to have sugar, just be aware and enjoy it in moderation. So how ‘bout we just split that Kit-Kat tonight?


Putting the magic in Magic City. As you celebrate today’s holiday filled with pumpkins, skeletons, and creepy creatures here’s a look at six women who take the supernatural world very seriously whether they’re witches, healers, or brujas. You can find them across Miami reading Tarot cards, casting healing spells filled with feminine energy, and consulting crystals and the phases of the moon. Meanwhile, we’re still out here waiting on our acceptance letter from Hogwarts. (Miami New Times)

Weighing in on the White House. Florida’s governor doesn’t have any real influence on White House decisions but both major candidates for the job were asked for their thoughts on a Trump administration plan to prevent automatic citizenship for U.S.-born children whose parents aren’t citizens or legal residents. Ron DeSantis said he supported the plan and a tougher stance on illegal immigration but questioned if an executive order was legal. Andrew Gillum described the proposal  “another example of the president attempting to be above the law.” After initially dodging a question about the plan, Gov. Rick Scott — who is running for Senate — said he needs to review the details before commenting. (Tampa Bay Times)

Not so fast. Two environmental groups followed through last week on their threats of legal action over plans to extend the 836 expressway deeper into West Kendall. The Friends of the Everglades and the Tropical Audubon Society filed separate legal complaints in Miami-Dade court and with the state’s department of administrative hearings. They claim that the county commission’s decision to extend the expressway past the county’s Urban Development Boundary and into vulnerable wetlands was approved without giving clear information to the public, and will create more traffic and endanger the Everglades. (Miami Herald)

Taking a stand. A group of prosecutors, including Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, have teamed up to ask the state Supreme Court to rule against the latest version of the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law. They claim a new provision that requires prosecutors to appear before judges if they’re working on a self-defense case instead of appearing before a jury is unconstitutional. (Miami Herald)

Little Havana ooh na na. The newest boutique hotel in Miami is coming in December to the heart of Little Havana. The renovated Thomas Jefferson Hotel is becoming the Life House and developers say it’s intended to attract “mature millennials.” Most of the booking work is done through an app that also serves as your room key. The app also has a chat feature for guests to message others staying at the hotel, and make plans for the night. (Miami Herald)


We don’t usually do a ton of horse race political news. But the election coming up on Nov. 6 is kind of a big deal, so from now until then, we’re going to have a special election section in your daily newsletter. Wonk out, friends.

  • According to polling from the University of North Florida there’s a very interesting subset of voters supporting Democratic governor nominee Andrew Gillum and Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. About 4 percent of those polled made that selection, and about half of them were Democrats. (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Meanwhile, some conservative voters who oppose President Trump find themselves in an interesting position in the governor’s race as they weigh voting for Ron DeSantis — a proud Trump supporter — or Gillum, whose ideas run counter to their political views. (Miami Herald)

Things to do

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🧘Through Sunday, Nov. 11: Check out the Cushion Crawl challenge (it’s like a Pub Crawl, but for 21 days of Mindfulness) (Multiple Locations)

🎶 Today: Party with this Grammy-nominated producer on Halloween (Wynwood)

🗳️ Friday: Join the voting celebration, it’s a matter of life or muerte (Downtown)

🌱Wednesday, Nov. 7 – 11: Eat, drink, and live well at the Seed Food and Wine Festival. – Use code NEWTROPIC10 for 10% off tickets. (Multiple locations)

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🎉Friday, Nov. 9: The Yard is turning three and they’re celebrating with a folk and indie festival (Wynwood)

🍻Saturday, Nov. 10: Innovation meets brews at this beer festival (North Miami)

💃Saturday, Nov. 10: Celebrate 10 years of Guitars Over Guns with special performances, silent auctions, and special eats and drinks (Coral Gables)

💻Tuesday, Nov. 13: Join a discussion between LinkedIn Local and FIU and connect with the humans behind the online profiles and job titles. (Miami Beach)

🎉Friday, Nov. 16: Celebrate Venture City’s Miami Launch Party at their new Little Havana campus (Little Havana)

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👻Catch “Poltergeist” on the big screen (Brickell)

🍺Celebrate Halloween in Wonderland (South Beach)

😈Get lit at the HalloWYN block party (Wynwood)

🧛Bring your best costume and dancing shoes to this family-friendly jam (Downtown)

🎙️Jam at Yelle’s Halloween show at The Ground (Downtown)

🎶Dance it out to some ‘80s jams (Little Haiti)


🧠Convene with the 305’s thinkers, dreamers, and doers at the Creative Time Summit – through Saturday (Downtown)

🛋️Learn how modern art styles transformed interior decorating (South Beach)

🚚Eat all the things at Virginia Key’s food truck festival (Key Biscayne)


🎶Catch Jessie Reyez at The Ground (Downtown)

💃Dine and dance under the stars on Giralda (Coral Gables)

🖼️Browse the ICA at First Fridays (Design District)

☠️Party at Bar Nancy for a Día de Los Muertos celebration (Little Havana)

🧟Watch the spooky classic “Beetlejuice” (Wynwood)

💀Celebrate the Day of the Dead with the Spam Allstars (North Beach)

🎸Jam with The Ordinary Boys at Gramps (Wynwood)


✊🏿Be heard at the Florida March for Black Women (Little Haiti)

🕺Jam to Afro-Cuban house music (Little Havana)

🌱Watch local bands and support the Everglades (Miami Beach)

☑️Party your way to the polls (Little Haiti)

🐶March for a future where kids, pets, and pollinators can thrive (Miami Shores)

💃Dance the night away at the Miami Beach Salsa Fest (North Beach)

🌿Pick out your favorite plants at Mother Earth Miami’s plant sale (Little River)

🎸Catch reggae artist Johnny Dread live at Bar Nancy (Little Havana)


🍴Clog your arteries at a day-long celebration of all things pork (Little Haiti)

🎶Catch the Civic Chorale of Greater Miami’s tribute to the “The B’s Knees” of classical music (Palmetto Bay)

🍩Grab brunch with El Bagel at 27 Restaurant (South Beach)

🗳️Jam at a family-friendly voting event at North Dade Regional Library (Miami Gardens)

🌸Check out a Japanese arts and culture festival (Watson Island)

🎻Hear an orchestra perform music from the “Final Fantasy” video game series (Downtown)

Going to one of these? Take us with you! Email a pic to [email protected] or tag @thenewtropic on Instagram. See more upcoming events on our events page, and add your own events with a New Tropic membership.


If you’re planning to party tonight or just want to get in the spooky spirit at your office, check out this playlist that our storytelling producer, Lance, put together. Be safe out there, folks. We’ll catch you ghouls and goblins tomorrow. 🎃

– The New Tropic

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