🌕“Because we’re not asking for the moon”
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🌕“Because we’re not asking for the moon”


Well, folks, you made it! After months of campaigns, tense debates, and dozens of rallies, it’s finally Election Day.

Last week we asked you all to share with us why you were voting in this midterm election and what events, candidates, ideas or issues were motivating you to get out to the polls.

A bunch of you weighed in with responses on Instagram and we’ve included a few of them here in hope that if you’re reading this, and haven’t voted yet, you’ll be extra motivated to make it happen. Here’s what some of you told us:

  • “It’s my duty as a citizen to vote, to make change, to act upon the change I want to see, and most of all because I’m proud of being a naturalized citizen of this country!” – @Laromibakery
  • “I deeply believe that voting is not only a fundamental right for people living in democratic systems but a civic responsibility. A well-thought out vote ALWAYS matters. I believe that voting should be obligatory and perhaps more so for the younger generations who don’t seem to bother.” – @Tulip65
  • “I have voted in every election, except for 1 or 2 (state & local races — one where I didn’t like either candidate and the other where only one person was running) since I registered to vote (12/9/68). I’m one of those people who is known as a Super Voter. I started volunteering in campaigns 10 years before that when I was 10 years old. It’s extremely important for American citizens to vote, because that’s the least one can do to have input as to how our government is run.” – @Sarabl18
  • “Because we’re not asking for the moon, just things that are basic rights in other countries: free primary healthcare, good public schools and affordable universities, sliding scale taxes, better public transit, environmental responsibility… We’ve been duped into thinking these things are impossible, when in fact they’re entirely attainable and only require political will.” – @Annedevalence

Thanks again to everyone who weighed in over on Instagram. We’ll have a roundup of the election results in tomorrow’s newsletter. One last time, in case you need it, here’s our voter guide. Also, head over to the county’s website if you have any other lingering questions about where or how to cast your ballot.

And if you’re looking for places to watch the results, here’s a list of watch parties around the city. Happy voting, Miami!

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The HQ queue. Reports point to Amazon’s new headquarters heading to the outskirts of D.C. or New York but local leaders say they’re still in talks with the company about bringing HQ2 to Miami. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported that HQ2 could end up operating in two different cities. Stay tuned, folks. (New York Times, Miami Herald)

Did you try unplugging it? Turnout on the final day of early voting across Miami-Dade was major and one of the busiest sites, the North Miami library, experienced an unexpected slowdown when printers went on the fritz. The county elections department eventually got more ballots to the site, but hundreds of voters ended up waiting well into the night to vote. (Miami Herald)

Not-so-lazy millennials. And speaking of voter turnout, college students across the state took advantage of early voting locations on campuses and thousands have already voted early in the past few weeks. More than 54,000 people voted at college campuses across the state including 11,000 at two Miami-Dade College campuses. And in Florida, more than 220,000 more 18- to 29-year-olds have voted in this election than voted in the 2014 midterms. There were also a few students who said they didn’t plan to vote because it was time consuming, weird flex but OK. (Miami Herald)

Vice city. The Miami Heat’s Vice jerseys were among the best-selling in NBA history after they debuted last season and yesterday the team revealed the latest version. They’re similar to last year’s jerseys, but they’re black instead of white. And if you really want to grab the gear, the team is doing a midnight sale later this week. (ESPN)

S&S Mess. Plenty of locals lamented when S&S Diner had to relocate from its historic space on Northeast Second Avenue over to Biscayne Boulevard. Now the iconic eatery has closed again, and it’s tied up in a legal fight after being evicted last week for not paying rent. Meanwhile, the diner and its landlord have separately sued the developers of the Biscayne 27 apartment building, claiming that the project’s construction has hurt local businesses. (The Real Deal)


If free food and drink is more of a motivator for ya, here’s a few places offering deals if you vote today (including shots at Beaker & Grey in Wynwood). Cheers, Miami.

– The New Tropic

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