North Beach History

There’s a crazy history behind this laid-back neighborhood. It used to be a lawless spot in a wild, untamed part of Miami Beach, with a couple speakeasies helping people get their drink on during Prohibition. Many of those early structures still stand today, like the Deauville Hotel. There’s a renewed focus on its history today, with Miami Beach in the middle of designating two spots in the neighborhood as local historic districts, ensuring the MiMo architecture lasts decades more. (Photo courtesy of HistoryMiami Museum)

It’s the unpolished jewel of Miami Beach, unpretentious and eclectic, with an international flair and gorgeous architecture at every turn. Discover the history of North Beach with us.

Beyoncé introduced the world to the rich Yoruban culture, but it wound its way to the US through Cuba decades ago.

Rhythm Foundation Director Laura Quinlan remembers neighbors packing the bandshell as a little girl. She wants to make that happen again.

Before North Beach was a haven for all sorts of people, it was a beloved hangout of northern tourists and gamblers.