This is who won and by how much on Nov. 8

Welp, it’s done.

Here’s all you need to know about how this election played out in the state and Miami-Dade County. County results came from the Miami-Dade County elections office at 9:30 p.m. State-level results came from the Florida Board of Elections at midnight.



Florida: Donald Trump (R), 49.11 percent

Miami-Dade: Hillary Clinton (D), 63.64 percent

U.S. Senate – Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio (R), 52.06 percent

U.S. Congress, District 23

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D), 56.66 percent

U.S. Congress, District 25

Mario Diaz-Balart (R), 62.44 percent

U.S. Congress, District 26

Carlos Curbelo (R), 52.97 percent

U.S. Congress, District 27

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R), 54.91 pecent


FL Senate, District 36

Rene Garcia (R), 55.11 percent

FL Senate District 37

Jose Javier Rodriguez (D), 48.84 percent

FL Senate, District 38

Daphne Campbell (D), 75.24 percent

FL Senate, District 39

Anitere Flores (R), 54.24 percent

FL Senate, District 40

Frank Artiles (R), 50.63 percent

FL House, District 103

Manny Diaz Jr. (R), 52.88 percent

FL House, District 105

Carlos Trujillo (R), 52.49 percent

FL House, District 110

Jose Oliva (R), 55.47 percent

FL House, District 111

Bryan Avila (R), 59.19 percent

FL House, District 112

Nicholas X. Duran (D), 53.31 percent

FL House, District 113

David Richardson (D), 64.62 percent

FL House, District 114

Daisy J. Baez (D), 50.97 percent

FL House, District 115

Michael Bileca (R), 53.71 percent

FL House, District 116

Jose Felix Diaz (R), 62.11 percent

FL House, District 118

Robert Asencio (D), 50.06 percent

FL House, District 119

Jeanette Nunez (R), 57 percent

FL House, District 120

Holly Raschein  (R), 57.33 percent



Carlos Gimenez, 55.83 percent

Supreme Court Justice Retention Races

Charles T. Canady – Yes, 72.15 percent

Jorge Labarga – Yes, 73.12 percent

Ricky L. Polston – Yes, 72.58 percent

Edwin A. Scales – Yes, 71.90 percent

District Court of Appeal Retention Races

Linda Ann Wells – Yes, 74.95 percent

Circuit Judge, Group 34

Mark Blumstein, 51.16 percent

Circuit Judge, Group 52

Oscar Rodriguez-Fonts, 50.28 percent

School Board, District 1

Steve Gallon III, 61.45 percent

School Board, District 6

Maria Teresa ‘Mari Tere’ Rojas, 66.36 percent

Constitutional Amendments

These amendments need to receive 60 percent approval in order to pass

Amendment 1 – Failed

State: 50.77 percent approval

Miami-Dade County: 56.22 percent approval

Amendment 2 – Passed

State: 71.27 percent approval

Miami-Dade County: 68.32 percent approval

Amendment 3 – Passed

State: 83.77 percent approval

Miami-Dade County: 86.09 percent approval

Amendment 5 – Passed

State: 78.29 percent approval

Miami-Dade County: 82.88 percent approval

County Questions

Special purpose districts

Passed, 53.80 percent approval

Public records

Passed, 65.50 percent approval