How New World Symphony Fellows are challenging the classical concert experience

Zach Manzi wants to shake up the traditional orchestra-audience relationship. As a Clarinet Fellow at the New World Symphony, he’s in a unique position (literally, onstage) to gauge the audience’s level of engagement during concerts.

It was also from this perspective that the 24-year-old Fellow came to imagine an entirely new, holistic performance experience that was not only inspired by him and his peers, but by a real-time audience.

“The structure of this concert is going to be the story of music as it applies to the experience of being human,” says Manzi. He explains that the performance was designed to portray classical music in a way that is relatable for all audiences, regardless of their previous knowledge or experience with the genre.

“Without giving too much away,” says Manzi, “this concert could require physical, verbal, and written involvement on the audience’s part.”

New World Symphony’s latest performance “Dimensions” will take place Friday, March 31. Tickets are now available for purchase.

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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