It’s officially summer in Miami when…

Summer in Miami is not for the faint of heart.

It’s hot. Really, really hot. Our FPL bills are crazy. Things melt. Our hands burn on steering wheels, our thighs on leather seats.

Technically summer doesn’t start until June 22, but we know down here that’s just not true. On Sunday afternoon a plastic jug of water exploded in my trunk. That’s official enough for me.

But we survive. At a certain point, it even becomes kind of enjoyable, like when you can linger at a restaurant for hours because because there’s not a single tourist waiting for your table.

Here are all the ways we know it’s officially summer in Miami.

  • When you leave a plastic cup in your car and it starts to melt (@jahzeldotel)
  • When you feel the need to shower after walking one block 😅  (@yossib)
  • When you hit the beach and the water Temp is 90 Degrees but you go in anyway cause it’s actually cooler!! 🌊 (@letterpressgirls)
  • When visiting friends from out of town want to go to the beach and you make THAT face. (@mrbrady_)
  • Leather seats! Gotta turn car on and put a.c. on blast then wait till safe… blistered vaginas (@yalinesm)
  • When you opt for Netflix on a gorgeous blue-skied day #mywinterisyoursummer (@gastronomisti)
  • Women stop wearing bras and start wearing bathing suit tops. #hotAF (@lizlovestheland)
  • You can’t leave the house between the hours of 9am-9pm. (@sealegss)
  • People are just hanging out in the arctic plunge pool at the standard like it’s a real pool. (@kimburguesa)
  • When upon walking outside your sunglasses fog up immediately (@missylorrainb)
  • When you find yourself saying “how is it possibly going to get hotter than this?” (@instalissaf)
  • When the shiny forehead is the most trending accessory…you swipe it with the wrist move and 10 secs after it pops again 💦#shinyforeheadgang (@ncclttr)
  • When you’re literally just STANDING outside, not moving, and somehow drenched in sweat 💦 😒 (@artsyfartsyboob)
  • When you look like you’re having a seizure walking barefoot on the sand. (@plantedinmiami)
  • When you drive to work even though you live two blocks away. (@leoneoceo)
  • Mango season! 😜🍈 (@letterpressgirls)
  • When your diet consists of free mangos so you can spend all your money on mosquito repellent. (@amandafinuccio)
  • You have to wake up at 5 am to run or you’ll melt under the 6 am sun (@tatynka)
  • When you scream in agony when you first touch the scorching steering wheel…. (@gabsarella)
  • When you wake up drenched in sweat at 5am every morning because humidity > 4-ton AC (@a_s_h_official)
  • You have to stay indoors until 5 pm (@begocazalis)
  • It’s 9am and you’re sweating a river (@moreldoucet)
  • When haulover sandbar is lit 😍 (@marissacatalina_)
  • Your face melts when you get into your parked car 😱 (@arrowfuentes)
  • When wearing a bra feels like cruel and unusual punishment. (@beverlytanmurray)
  • When beach life starts at 2pm.. suns tooo hottt!!! (@beautymonster13)
  • When you have to check the temperature of the sidewalk before walking your dog. (@luije10)
  • All the canada license plates have left… @peezy_peezy (@smilesfordaysss)
  • Royal poincianas in bloom (@marikalynch)
  • When you feel drops of sweat down your ass crack and your first thought is to admit it’s actually refreshing. (@icza_a)
  • When you get swamp ass 💦 #SweatyButt 🍑💦 (@cristinaisabelmas)
  • When burn your ass in the leather seats of your car (@yazzilovesyou)
  • When your kid gets a sweatstache being carried from the front door to the car. (@yellablue)
  • When you’re sweating at 10PM & your perfume/cologne is Off! Bug spray (@breadchastick03)
  • When your boobs don’t just emit sexiness but also all the sweat. (@lesleyknope)
  • …when your cocomango helado melts into your belly button before you have time to get in a second lick (@ungerwoman)
  • …when it’s so hot the cockroaches take up sanctuary inside with you (@ungerwoman)
  • FPL doesn’t hesitate to let me know right quick (@mrdazm)
  • When you start sweating right out of the shower. When only tourists are at the beach before 3. When you burn your hands on the steering wheel. When your hair becomes a corona a minute after you step outside. (@emmatrelles)
  • When you go through 3 shirts a day….. (@chrisadamo)
  • When you can LITERALLY* fry an egg on the sidewalk. *As opposed to figuratively (@sweet_genevieve)

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