People to know in Hialeah

There’s a lot of people who have got a lot of love for Hialeah, and are working hard to make sure the rest of Miami knows how awesome it can be. From historians who have lived in the neighborhood for decades to up and coming local officials who are trying to build an arts and culture district of their own, Hialeah residents are owning the conversation on their city.

These are the sounds of Hialeah: everything from Cuban classics to booty bass. Listen in.

Millennials are taking the reins in Hialeah, turning their love-hate relationship with the city into strictly a love match.

Beneath the chaotic appearance of Hialeah's vendedor industry are complicated procedures and laws. Silvio Moreno, a street seller himself, fights for vendedores' rights and educates the next generation.

Romelio Reyes had a religious experience in the mountains of Cuba as a kid and he's had a "magic touch" ever since.

How a new arts district was born in the unlikeliest of places.

David Built is the photographer and urban explorer behind Abandoned FL, capturing haunting, gorgeous images of the state's forgotten places.