What podcasts get you through your commute?

We love podcasts. They’re interesting, informative and entertaining. And in a city like Miami where the traffic is the gnarliest of them all, they get us through our epic commutes. Sure there’s the standards like Radiolab and This American Life, but there are so many more!

We asked you all what your fav podcasts are and we added a few of our own.
Here’s the list. What else is missing?


Revisionist History: A 10-episode podcast by Malcolm Gladwell that revisits and reinterprets an event, person, or idea from the past.

Stuff You Missed In History Class: A podcast by HowStuffWorks that looks at important historical events and takes a second look at some of history’s undiscovered or misreported stories.


NPR Invisibilia: This show is all ideas, beliefs, and emotions — analyzing “the invisible forces that control human behavior.”

99 Percent Invisible: 99PI is primarily about architecture and design, rethinking the unnoticed and routine decisions that shape our world. It’s a closet urban planner’s wet dream.


Another Round: Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu co-host this podcast on race and pop culture and it’s crazy smart and super spot on, but also kind of hilarious.

Call Your Girlfriend: Call Your Girlfriend describes themselves as “a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere.” And that’s literally what it is — the hosts call each other every week to talk pop culture and politics, and you get to listen in on it.

Dinner Party Download: Use this to be the best dinner party guest ever. It’s an hour of conversation on food and culture.

Plz Advise: It’s like an advice column but on the phone. A writer and blogger dishes out advice on anything and everything — from “cheating to laser hair removal.”

My Dad Wrote a Porno: If you’re all about British humor, this one’s for you. As the title says, the host Jamie Morton’s dad wrote a porno, and now Morton and three of his friends read it out loud on air and provide hilarious commentary.

The Longest Shortest Time: This is a show about parenting, but it’s not just for parents. It’s about how raising another human can change you or not change you at all.

Snap Judgement: Glynn Washington hosts this weekly podcast which mixes storytelling with music to produce “dramatic, kick-ass radio.”


On The Media: This one is for total news junkies. It’s a show that reflects on how news gets made, news stories, and current events.

The Globalist: A European morning news program featuring Monocle 24’s editors and guests discussing international news and business.

The Brian Lehrer show: This is a daily radio show in which journalist and radio host Brian Lehrer discusses New York City and national politics.

Poorly Summarized: This one catches you up on everything that went down on the interwebs. It’s a show that “fills you in on social media this week.”


How I Built This:This podcast is about about entrepreneurship and innovation and catalogues the narratives behind building a business and movements.

The Career Tools: This is a tool to help you become a better manager. A reader says this “crew helped me a lot when I was starting a new career.”

CodeNewbie: A community of programmers learning to code. A reader says this was “very helpful to me when I was starting my coding journey.”


Writing Class Radio: “Produced right here in Miami. We are for people who love true stories and who get inspired by hearing other people tell their stories and who want to learn a little bit about how to write their own stories. We link stories from our writing class (at the University of Miami) with a theme, music, and a writing element.”

Planted in Miami: This is about the people driving Miami’s future, “the business owners, artists, musicians, farmers and others who are moving Miami forward through social awareness and community engagement.”

The Fernand Amandi Show on 610 WIOD:  “It’s current events always with a South Florida Spin!”

Bonus: Staff Picks

Rebekah Monson: 2 Dope Queens
Two awesome girls in NYC and their favorite comedians share “stories about sex, romance, race, hair journeys, living in New York, and Billy Joel. Plus a whole bunch of other s**t.”

Sarah Hernandez: Reply All
This is a show about the internet.
What Sarah likes about it: “Sometimes the internet can seem like a hopeless black hole of trolls, and it basically breaks it down in a very human and silly way to help reveal the stories behind viral content – so you can learn about anything and everything from murder mysteries to the mystery behind America’s beloved pizza rat.”

Bruce Pinchbeck: The Tim Ferriss Show
On each show, Ferriss deconstructs the habits, tools, and routines world-class investors, athletes, and business people use including things like their favorite books, morning routines, and time-management tricks.

Chris Adamo: The Ask Gary Vee Show
This is a question and answer show about business, marketing, and successful social media tips.
Why Chris likes it: “Gary covers real world examples of ways to innovate through digital and how to excel as an entrepreneur, while providing that kick in the butt when you need it most!”

Hector Chacón: Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People
Every week, comedian Chris Gethard opens up his phone line to one anonymous caller for one hour. He can’t hang up first, no matter what.
What Hector likes about it: “The beauty in average humans being able to completely open up and show their true selves.”

Kassandra Meyer: Reveal
The Center for Investigative Reporting produces this podcast showcasing their investigative journalism work.
Kassandra says: “In these uncertain post-election times, its as important as ever to uncover stories of injustice and accountability. Reveal does just that with in-depth reporting and unwavering courage.”

Thanks to ‏Natasha Roque (‏@natsferatu), Antonio (‏@tonymanifesto), Lonnie (‏@lonniejk), Vanessa S (@OhSoVane), Wilson Sayre, and Núria Net for adding their $0.02 to this piece! What should we add? Comment below to let us know!