You ask, we report: Tell us your questions about the Aug. 28 election

Editor’s note: We closed out with 57 questions from the community, which you can see below. At this time, we’re not taking any further questions. You can find the answers to questions on how to vote here and our full guide to the Aug. 28 election here

There’s a lot going on in the 305 these days: climate change and extreme weather events, a raging affordability crisis, a major need for legit public transit, and federal immigration policies that are sending shockwaves through our communities.

Elections are one of the key ways that you get to have a say in all that. But in our last county election in August 2016, voter turnout was only 20 percent (and that was actually kind of high, because we were electing a county mayor, so people were paying more attention than usual.)

On Aug. 28, we’ll be heading back to the polls. Miami-Dade County voters will choose a bunch of new reps and officials, weigh in on state and national primaries, and vote on referendum items.

It’s a lot. And it’s kind of hard to understand. But voting in your local elections doesn’t have to feel as complicated as putting together IKEA furniture.

For every county election (and some city ones), we do a voter guide where we break down the ballot in plain English. Our goal is always to make it as useful for you as we can.

Can you help us do that this year? We have just one very important but very simple question: what do you want to know about the Aug. 28 local and primary elections?

Submit your questions about voting and the candidates below and we’ll work as many of them into our newsletter and guide as possible!

Pro tip: There are no stupid questions here. This isn’t about showing how much you already know about local politics by asking super wonky questions (although we’ll take those too! We like a good challenge.) However, we do ask that you don’t submit questions that are actually just mudslinging at particular parties or candidates.

Some example questions:

  • How do I get a mail-in ballot?
  • Can I vote in the primary election?
  • What does a circuit court judge do?
  • Where do the school board candidates stand on arming teachers?
  • What are the key differences between all the Democratic candidates for governor?

Here’s some of what you may find on the August ballot, depending on where in Miami-Dade you live:

  • A county commission race (Districts 2, 6, 8, 10, and 12)
  • A school board race
  • Circuit court and county judge races
  • A citywide referendum (aka a vote on a proposal)
  • Democratic and Republican primaries for the state House and Senate, governor, and U.S. Congress

You can find a sample ballot here.

P.S. July 30th is the deadline to register to vote or update your information for the Aug. 28 election. You can do that here.