Video: Redesigning the Rickenbacker with Plan Z

Architect Bernard Zyscovich has (another) plan for Miami. But this time, instead of building upwards, he’s building outwards.

Plan Z is the latest proposal in an effort to knock Miami off the list of most dangerous cities to walk or bike in the country.

The comprehensive transportation plan aims to change the Rickenbacker’s notoriety for being one of the most unsafe places to cycle in the city, by proposing a 12-mile redesign of its cycling and pedestrian trail.

The protected trail is proposed to be 30 feet wide — the equivalent of three lanes of traffic. It will feature an observation loop with a view of the Miami skyline, create a 20-acre waterfront park for recreational activities, and elevate portions of the causeway that are vulnerable to sea-level rise.

A separate overpass bridge will also connect Plan Z to The Underline.

“The problem is that over the years, there have been fatalities and accidents that, from my point of view, as an architect and an urban designer, may be something that could be solved through design,” Zyscovich said.