Auditor general changes, pt. 1

The third proposal reads like this:

Shall Section 36 of the City of Miami Charter be amended to include the Office of Independent Auditor General (“OIAG”) as an unclassified service? This amendment ensures that the OIAG will continue to be free from interference or undue influence by City administration in the selection, appointment, and employment of OIAG staff. The amendment allows the OIAG to continue to form independent and objective opinions and conclusions in their audit and investigative work.

The Office of Independent Auditor General is a fancy name for the group of people who audit the City of Miami financials. This bond would dub its work as an “unclassified service.” That means it would increase the separation between the auditor general and the rest of city government, which means it increases the office’s independence.

It also means that the Office of the Auditor General operates at the will of the City Commission.

If you vote yes, you are moving the Office of the Auditor General into a different category that will increase its independence.

If you vote no, you are keeping it as is.