Auditor General changes, pt. 2

City of Miami Proposal

The fourth proposal reads like this:

Shall Section 48 of the Charter be amended to provide the Independent Auditor General (“IAG”) exclusive supervisory authority over employees of the Office of IAG (“OIAG”)? This amendment ensures that the OIAG will continue to be free from interference or undue influence by City administration in the selection, appointment, and employment of OIAG staff. The amendment allows the OIAG to continue to form independent and objective opinions and conclusions in their audit and investigative work.

The Office of the Independent Auditor General audits the City of Miami’s financials, and it’s supposed to be, well, independent. But up until now, it did not have the right to hire and fire its staff. That was handled by the city manager’s office, which left the Independent Auditor General office open to meddling by other city staff who might be the subject of an audit or want to influence one.

If you vote yes on the amendment, the Office of the Independent Auditor General will have the right to hire and fire its own staff.

If you vote no, it will stay the way it is.